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Galveston College is a comprehensive community college committed to the true student success experience in college or out of college.

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Priority Registration

  • Pre-Enrollment Advisement

Special Equipment

  • Text to Voice
  • Screen Enhancement
  • E-book information and referral


  • Disability Issues
  • Referral, Career Counseling, etc.

Support & Referral

  • Advocacy & Support
  • Information & Referral


  • Additional Testing Time
  • Priority Classroom Seating etc.


  • Readers/Scribes
  • Sign Interpreters
  • CART

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The Special Services Office strives to coordinate services that provide a supportive environment and promote educational success for students with learning differences.  A variety of programs, services and related activities are designed to provide educational support to students who self-identify as having a disability. 

The Special Services Advisor works with Galveston College students, faculty, staff and administrators to comply with state and federal regulations.  The Special Service Advisor assists students who learn differently with academic adjustments and axillary aids to provide equal access to the College.

The Galveston College Special Services Office provides students with assistance and information as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

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The Texas Veterans Portal connects veterans, their families, and caregivers to the benefits and services earned through their military service. Thank you for serving our country!

Department Email
(409) 944-1230
Business Office
(409) 944-1362
Counseling and Advising Center
(409) 944-1220
Financial Aid
(409) 944-1235
IT Service Desk
(409) 944-1352
(409) 944-1290
Tutoring –Student Success Center
(409) 944-1399

Accessibility/Special Needs
(409) 944-1223
Upward Bound
(409) 944-1254
Building Bridges to Success
(409) 944-1296
Continuing Education
(409) 944-1344
Distance Education


The Student Handbook is intended to provide information about policies and procedures and to be a useful tool for your academic success. The Galveston College catalog is the primary source for information about the academic policies and regulations that govern students’ academic life. As a student of Galveston College, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies and regulations set forth in the college catalog.

Additional information is available through the Office of Special Services located in the Counseling Center located on the first floor of Moody Hall.

It is the policy of Galveston College to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, genetic information or veteran status.

Kay Reagan

Phone: 409-944-1341

Fax: 409-944-1501


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