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The Behavioral Sciences are considered a part of the larger group of Social Sciences. The Social Sciences study the processes relevant to how social systems are influenced by individual and group activity. The Behavioral Sciences focus on the actions, reactions and interactions occurring among individuals in social environments. As Behavioral Scientists we use scientific observation and experimentation to study human and animal behavior, especially behavior related to decision making and communications within families, groups, social networks, societies and cultures. At Galveston College, the Behavioral Science Department includes courses and degrees in Psychology and Sociology.



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Psychology & Sociology
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Sociology is the structured examination of human society. The Sociology degree program delves into topics such as social change, culture, race and ethnicity, gender disparities, social hierarchy, deviance, and social group dynamics, among others. The objective of the Sociology degree program is to offer students a thorough education in  sociological research, theories, and principles, fostering an understanding of how individuals and groups within a society react and interact.

Students may choose to pursue a degree in Sociology/Social Work at Galveston College. Students who major in Sociology/Social Work will receive a comprehensive education that will enable them to transfer to colleges and universities for further study. At Galveston College students may select the Associate of Arts Degree in Sociology/Social Work, a 60 hour degree that includes the core curriculum and prepares the student for further education in career fields such as Criminology, Social Work, Public Policy, Government, Criminal Justice, Law, Political Action or Education.

AA Associate of Arts in Sociology/Social Work

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.

The Texas Legislature requires all colleges to adopt a core curriculum. If a student successfully completes the entire core curriculum at Galveston College and then transfers to a Texas public four year college or university, all courses in the Galveston College core curriculum will transfer and the student will receive full academic credit for the courses in the core curriculum. At Galveston College all students receiving the Associates Degree are required to complete 3 hours of a Social and Behavioral Science as part of the core curriculum. Students at Galveston College will have the opportunity to sample the Behavioral Sciences through a variety of Sociology course options.

As a Sociology major working as a social worker, you'll assess and support individuals and families facing various challenges, advocate for their rights and access to resources, collaborate with other professionals, and play a vital role in promoting social justice and positive change in communities. Starting salaries for Bachelor's Degree holders in Sociology, with no prior experience, typically commence around $40,376 per year, with higher salaries attainable for those holding a Doctoral Degree. Employment growth for Sociology careers is forecasted to be moderate overall, with variations based on specific occupations.

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