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The role of a math major is twofold. First, math majors will use computer algebra software to explore sophisticated applications of calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations to science, technology, and engineering. Consequently, math majors will gain an understanding of how and why mathematics is important to our society. Secondly, math majors will explore the abstract underpinnings of why math works. Math majors will witness the elegance and logic of mathematical proof in preparation for university studies.

A degree in mathematics can open doors in virtually any industry or endeavor anywhere in the world. It is a highly respected degree among employers. Math majors often pursue career opportunities in finance, information technology, operations, and logistics as well as the traditional role of teaching.

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.

Associate of Science - Mathematics

John Rimar - jrimar@gc.edu ; 409-944-1267

Jesse Warren - jwarren@gc.edu ; 409-944-1272

Clint Jones - cjones@gc.edu ; 409-944-1275

The mathematics program of Galveston College endeavors to:

a)     Foster an appreciation in students for the value of mathematics in advancing humanity.

b)     Produce students that are detail oriented.

c)     Promote numeracy among students.

d)    Provide a full range of convenient course offerings to support all majors

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Name Jesse Warren 
Title Coordinator, Instructor of Mathematics
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Program Area Mathematics Program Director/ Instructor
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Email  jwarren@gc.edu
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Lionel DeLuna

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