Galveston College students and community members will now enjoy an expanded parking lot directly across the street from the college’s iconic Moody Hall on the main campus.


The expanded parking lot, located on Avenue Q between 41st and 40th Streets, now includes 94 parking spaces, new landscaping, additional lighting, security cameras, more sidewalks, curb stops and improved traffic flow with six entry/exit points.


The new landscaping includes American Elm, Mexican Palo Verde and Sabal Palmetto trees, and various shrubs and lilies. Finally, an ADA accessible crosswalk was added to improve accessibility to the GC main campus.


“We’re excited for our students and the whole college community who will have the opportunity to use the new and expanded parking lots,” said Galveston College President, W. Myles Shelton, Ed.D. “We understand that it was a bit of an inconvenience to start off the spring semester, but it was well worth the wait and is a benefit our students and community will enjoy”.



Galveston College was founded in 1967 and is a comprehensive community college providing the residents of Galveston Island and the surrounding region with academic, workforce development, continuing education and community service programs.