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Since its creation, the Universal Access Community Endowment Scholarship has supported over 1,900 students.  These students were not eligible for federal or state funding– oftentimes because their income exceeded eligibility limits, yet they still needed financial assistance to complete their studies and graduate.  Since late fall 2014, Galveston College Foundation raised significant sums for the Universal Access Community Endowment and individual scholarships.  Thanks to consistent generosity from the Galveston community, area foundations, and businesses, the Universal Access Community Endowment upgraded tuition support annually.

Instituted in the fall of 2021, the Endowment Scholarship provides
$6,264 toward tuition and fees.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, the Galveston College Foundation Universal Access Endowment Scholarship instituted a new lifetime limit of $6,264 for full-time and part-time students, which covers tuition and required fees for a 60-credit hour associate degree. All students must have a degree plan on file. Upon enrollment for the Universal Access award, a student’s allocation must be used within a five-year period. After completing the initial semester, UA becomes a performance-based scholarship. Students must receive a minimum GPA of 2.0 to continue accessing funds from the UA endowment.

In fall 2020, the Foundation directors increased and expanded use of the one-time UA+ award for non-tuition needs, e.g. books, online access codes, licensing fees, etc. to $35 per semester hour with a lifetime limit of $2,100 beginning spring 2021. The UA+ voucher may be used during any semester as long student remains in good academic standing. The UA+ award is extended to UA students enrolled in a GC baccalaureate program, e.g. Healthcare Management and Nursing.

Universal Access Scholarships are provided to ensure that every eligible high school graduate, or equivalent, who resides in the Galveston College taxing district, has the opportunity to attend college, receive an associate’s degree, or acquire technical training through a workforce development program and obtain a certificate.

In 1996, the Galveston College Foundation (GCF) was established as a community-based non-profit to provide families within the Galveston College taxing district the opportunity for a brighter future through higher education. Universal Access (UA) was established in 2001 in an effort to secure fully paid tuition for public and private local high school graduates who wished to attend Galveston College. The vision of Universal Access was achieved through development and growth of an endowment significant enough to guarantee each Galveston accredited high school (public or private), home-schooled, and GED graduate the financial aid necessary for up to two years of education and training. The founders of UA believed the investment that would pay the greatest dividends and make the biggest difference in the community is an investment in the higher education and training of its residents.

Guidelines for Universal Access has been updated and revised over the years to reflect changes in College policy, costs, available funds, and community needs.   All students must have a degree plan on file.  Upon enrollment for the Universal Access Community Endowment award, a student’s allocation must be used within a five-year period.

UA Plus is a multi-year non-tuition educational expenses scholarship (awarded on a semester by semester basis) to aid students during the tenure of their academic career to purchase books, related program equipment and tools including internet access codes, etc.   Students must initiate the UA Plus award voucher through the Financial Aid Office and comply with the requirements as stated in the application.  

The increase in the lifetime award amount and funds for books, internet access codes, and digital equipment were put in place to facilitate retention and expedite completion and or graduation.

This Galveston College scholarship is for any high school graduate in the Galveston College tax district who is not eligible for federal or state funding that does not need to be repaid. After their first semester, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA or better


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