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RN - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Are you a registered nurse and desire to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree? Look no further!
Galveston College's program offers affordability, a game-based learning approach, and the convenience of a fully online format, catering to students across all of Texas. With the option to complete the program in as little as 9 months, you can seamlessly integrate your education into your schedule. Embark on your nursing journey with us!
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The program's game-based learning initiative has been honored with a grant from Constellation Energy recognizing the BSN Program as Community Champions.  


In keeping with the mission of Galveston College, the BSN program strives to provide ADN prepared nurses access to a high quality, online program facilitating their BSN education. This program is dedicated to providing a collaborative environment focused on teaching relevant content, investing in student success, demonstrating the value of lifelong learning, and creating the next generation of nurse leaders.  

The faculty are here to help you build on your nursing foundation.  The knowledge gained during this program will assist the student with aligning their knowledge and skillset with those desired for leadership opportunities. The students will learn how to evaluate evidence emphasizing utilization in practice, expand their health promotion skills  focusing on individuals, families, groups and communities, increase legal, ethical, and management knowledge preparing them for tough clinical decisions, and expand health assessment skills emphasizing the whole person; mind, body and spirit.   

Graduates of the program will be able to:  

  1. Describe the role of the BSN prepared RN as it relates to community health promotion, risk reduction, access to care, resource allocation and healthcare disparities.
  2. Use oral and written formats to disseminate information within an interdisciplinary healthcare environment.
  3. Navigate local, regional, and global research findings, through various information technology platforms, relating to nursing practice, disease prevention, and health promotion.
  4. In pursuit of quality and safe patient outcomes utilize EBP guidelines and research findings when collaborating with or leading healthcare teams.
  5. Integrate knowledge acquired from core General Education and collective Nursing courses to inform clinical reasoning when providing nursing care to individuals, families, and communities.
  6. Differentiate scope of practice of nursing roles based on the Texas rules and regulations, Nurse Practice Act, ethical principles, and expectations of maintaining practice related competencies through lifelong learning.
  7. Scrutinize healthcare and regulatory policy that govern nursing practice in contemporary healthcare delivery systems.

  • Acceptance for admission to Galveston College.
  • CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average includes all college courses attempted) – 2.5 or higher; Science and Nursing GPA – 2.7: Courses in-progress will not be calculated into CGPA or GPA for application purposes. Students are considered ineligible for admission if at the time of application transcripts reflect more than (1) D or F in a core nursing or required core nursing science course.  The student is considered eligible if the course is repeated and the student earns an A, B or C in the subsequent attempt.
  • Unofficial transcripts can be used during the application process. Once accepted, official transcripts from all institutions attended must be sent to the Admissions Department.
  • Proof of successful completion of an accredited ADN  program.
  • Active unencumbered Registered Nursing license in Texas or a compact state. 
  • Actively employed as a Registered Nurse, Graduate Nurse, or a written plan for clinical rotations. If the applicant has earned an ADN, but has not attempted the NCLEX Examination, conditional acceptance will be considered. If conditionally accepted, the applicant must successfully take the NCLEX Examination by the end of the first eight weeks of classes. 
  • Completion of the prerequisite courses prior to first day of classes. (Exceptions will be considered by the Admissions and Progression Committee after a meeting with the program director to develop a plan of study. ) Applicants can be enrolled in final semester of prerequisite courses at time of application submission.
  • Two professional letters of reference. At least one should be from a current supervisor. The other can be from anyone speaking to your professional manner.
  • Valid Texas Driver’s license or State ID. (Must send a copy of the front and back)
  • Current Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider Level CPR card form the American Heart Association.
  • Preference is given to these three groups of applicants: 1) Has experience as a RN 2) Activitely employed as a RN or GN or 3) Has a job offer to work as either a RN or GN. 

Applications for the Fall, 2024 Cohort are Open! 

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  Applicants are encouraged to apply early to have the best chance of acceptance into the program.   

 Complete applications for program admission will be reviewed at a minimum three times each year. Each completed application received by the published deadlines will be considered by the Admissions Committee. 

If a decision on an applicant is made by the committee during the review process, the applicant will receive one of three outcome letters. The possible outcomes include acceptance, conditional acceptance, or denial. If the application is held for review at a future meeting, the applicant will not receive any communication  until a final determination is made. All applicants will receive an outcome via email by the posted deadline. 

After completing this application, if you have not already done so, apply to Galveston College in the next steps section. 



Are you concerned about how you will fit the program into your busy life?

The program supports work-life balance in several ways. Weekly assignments can be completed at your convenience.  Practicum hours are faculty-led with flexible, weekly hours. No required face-to-face meetings with the exception of one program orientation.  These advantages allow you, the student, the freedom to build a schedule that works.

Program Enrollment Options
Full-Time (2 semesters)
Part-Time (4 semesters)



Course Number 

Course Title 


ENGL 1302 

Composition II 


MATH 1342   OR 

PSYC  2317 

Elem. Statistical Methods 

Stat. Methods in Psych 



BIOL   1322 




Approved Elective 


SOCI   1301 

Introductory Sociology 




Total CH 15

*************Business and Technical Writing or Introduction to Chemistry will fulfill this requirement.

Core Curriculum (can be taken as part of the BSN) 

Course Number 

Course Title 



History I 



History II 



Federal Government 



Texas Government 


Creative Arts OR 

Language, Philosophy and Culture Elective 







Fall Semester 


Role Transition to Professional Nursing 



Foundations of Nursing Knowledge 



Holistic Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 




Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 



Leadership and Management 



Leadership and Management Practicum 



Spring Semester 


Promoting Healthy Lifestyles 



Care of Vulnerable Populations 



Legal and Ethical Aspects of Professional Nursing 




Community and Public Health 



Community and Public Health Practicum



Nursing Capstone 



Degree Completion Requirements 

ADN Degree Credits 


Prerequisite Courses 


Core Curriculum Courses 


BSN Nursing Courses 


Total for BSN 



Fall Year 1:

Course Number


Course Title


Credit Hours

NURS4340 Role Transition to Professional Nursing 3
NURS4320 Foundations of Nursing Knowledge 3
NURS3316 Nursing Research and EBP 3

Spring Year 1:

Course Number


Course Title


Credit Hours

NURS4309 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles 3
NURS4202 Care of Vulnerable Populations 2
Nurse 4224 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Prof. Nurs 2

Fall Year 2

Course Number


Course Title


Credit Hours

NURS4316 Holistic Health Assessment  3
NURS4350 Leadership and Management 3
NURS4161 Leadership and Mgmt Practicum 1

Spring 2

Course Number


Course Title


Credit Hours

NURS4321 Community and Public Health 3
NURS4160 Community and Public Health Practicum 1
NURS4354 Capstone 3


See Full-time tab for prerequisite, core, and other information. 

As a BSN prepared RN you are poised for a career transition into leadership. As hospitals plan to and apply for Magnet Recognition the system will need to show it is working toward 80% of its nursing staff possessing a BSN degree.  Magnet recognition does not require all nurses be BSN prepared, but does require all nurse managers and leaders to have at least a BSN. 

The five-year projected demand for BSN prepared Registered Nurses is expected to outpace that for ADN prepared Registered Nurses in Texas. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the demand for bachelor, master and doctoral prepared RNs continues to increase. “Having too few RNs with advanced education available to provide care negatively impacts patient outcomes.”   

Effective January 19, 2023, this nursing program is a candidate for initial accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. This candidacy status expires on January 19, 2025.

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) 
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 975-5000
Note: Upon granting of initial accreditation by the ACEN Board of Commissioners, the 
effective date of initial accreditation is the date on which the nursing program was approved by the ACEN as a candidate program that concluded in the Board of Commissioners granting initial accreditation.


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