Records Management & Retention Schedules


Dr. Carmen E. Allen is Galveston College’s Records Management Officer.

Galveston College’s file storage facility is the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE). During the long semesters (Fall and Spring), the 1st Friday of the month will be for shredding documents and the 3rd Friday of the month will be for archiving. Files/documents being archived can only be stored in the brown HCDE file storage boxes. You can get the brown boxes from the Physical Plant area. Follow the instructions outlined in GC’s Records Management Archiving and/or Shredding Procedures posted below.

Dr. Carmen E. Allen is Galveston College’s Records Management Officer.

Galveston College adheres to the following local government records retention schedules: EL, GR, JC, and TX.  These record retention schedules outline the “mandatory minimum retention periods for records commonly found in public junior colleges. No local government office may dispose of a record listed in these schedules prior to the expiration of its retention period. A records control schedule of a local government may not set a retention period that is less than that established for the record in these schedules. Original paper records may be disposed of prior to the expiration of their minimum retention periods if they have been microfilmed or electronically stored pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Code, Chapter 204 or Chapter 205, as applicable, and rules of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission adopted under those chapters. Actual disposal of such records by a local government is subject to the policies and procedures of its records management program.”



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