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Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation

Program Overview

Machines used across many industries are evolving into complex and intricately connected systems operated by well-trained instrumentation technicians. The Galveston College Instrumentation Technology program trains students to begin entry-level careers in this growing and changing field.

Housed at the Charlie Thomas Family Applied Technology Center, the one-semester Instrumentation Technology program utilizes a comprehensive industrial computer control lab where students learn about control system installation, maintenance and trouble shooting.

Areas of study include:

  • Intelligent integrated control systems
  • Testing and analyzation of control circuitry
  • Maintenance of instruments and control settings
  • Basic electrical theory
  • Troubleshooting of individual process instruments
  • Implementation of sophisticated control strategies

The Instrumentation Technology program is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

Upon completion of the certificate, successful students will be registered into a national NCCER database where prospective employers can search for qualified candidates.

Employment Outlook

Instrumentation technicians install, calibrate and troubleshoot individual process instruments as well as complete control systems. They work in a variety of settings including:

  • Chemical and manufacturing plants
  • Power plants
  • Oil exploration and production companies
  • Cross-country pipeline companies
  • Municipal water treatment facilities
  • Large buildings or campuses
  • Instrumentation sales

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the average hourly salary for instrumentation technicians ranges from $20 to 67.

Level One Certification

The Instrumentation Technology program coursework is offered in one, 19-hour semester.

Semester One: Level One Certificate (Entry Level)

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
Total Semester Hours15
ELPT 1420Fundamentals of Electricity II4
INTC 1312Instrumentation and Safety3
INCR 1402Physics of Instrumentation4
INTC 1307Instrumentation Test Equipment3
INCR 1191Special Topics in Instrumentation Technology/Technician1