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No other institution is as vital to the educational success of Galveston Island than Galveston College. The Office of Marketing & Communication tells the story of Galveston College through a variety of channels, including advertising, media relations, publications production, website management, social networking and other communication activities.

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Edgar Chrnko Salas
Title Director of Marketing and Communication
Room M-208
Department Marketing & Communication
Phone 409-944-1302


Title Digital Communication / Web Services Manager
Room M-231
Department Marketing & Communication
Phone 409-944-1313

Name Sandi Smith
Title Creative Services Manager
Room M-207
Department Marketing & Communication
Phone 409-944-1301


The Public Affairs office works with academic and administrative departments to

  • coordinate communications strategies;
  • develop stories about our extraordinary faculty, students, alumni and staff;
  • produce a wide range of digital and printed materials; and
  • provide photography and videography.

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About Us

The Office of Marketing and Communication develops and implements strategic messaging to support the mission of the college. In order to ensure that the college brand and strategic message is consistent, clear, cost-effective and representative of quality education, Marketing and Communication is responsible for final review and approval of all marketing materials produced for all academic, administrative and student services divisions of the college.


Name Edgar Chrnko Salas
Title Director of Marketing and Communication
Room M-208
Department Marketing & Communication
Phone 409-944-1302


What is a Brand? A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline. Branding refers to everything from logos, the website and other visual representations of the college, to print publications including fliers, brochures and advertising, to every interaction Galveston College has with students, parents, visitors or the public at large. Each individual in the Galveston College community is a brand ambassador for the college.
  Download the Galveston College brand guidelines.
Why do we brand at Galveston College?

We brand at the college to create and maintain a consistent, professional image to both our internal and external communities.

This guide provides the basic elements of a visual and verbal language to express ourselves in a way that strengthens and consolidates the Galveston College brand.

The most important ways by which the college can brand itself are:
  • Consistency
  • Frequency
  • Repetition over time
  • Show school pride
A clear, consistent, strong brand makes end-users:
  • Recognize our high quality and value
  • Seek us out as a great place to study and work
  • Consider investing in their future


Consistent branding also enables the various departments and programs in the college community to take advantage of the reputation of Galveston College as a whole.

Contact: Director of Marketing and Communication

Internal Communications

The Beacon Marketing & Communication produces The Beacon, Galveston College’s official news and information publication for faculty and staff. The Beacon, an electronic newsletter, is distributed once a month. We welcome your story suggestions—click here to email us with an idea that you think may be of interest to our campus community.
Whitecaps Portal Marketing & Communication posts news and a calendar of events for students, faculty and staff on the Whitecaps portal. News items of interest to students, faculty and staff are also shared here. To submit news to the Whitecaps portal, click here.
Global Email Communications

Marketing & Communication provides broadcast electronic messaging support for the college. Global emails are approved based on three general categories:

  • Emergency – Highly important, time-sensitive messages including emergency notices such as security alerts or campus closings due to severe weather.
  • Official – Highly important, non-emergency messages such as government reporting requirements, policy changes, human resources information, etc.
  • Informational – Other non-emergency messages that are directly related to college business or academic operations.


External Communications 

Marketing & Communication plays a key role in working with local, regional and national media, as well as administering Galveston College’s social media channels. In addition to producing news releases and promoting significant college achievements, the members of the Marketing & Communication team serve as consultants and advisers for faculty or staff members who may be contacted by external news organizations. Have an idea for a news or feature story, click here.


The Marketing & Communication office produces a monthly electronic newsletter, Currents, which is distributed to students, faculty, staff and friends of Galveston College. Story ideas and suggestions are welcomed here.

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Members of the college community who need assistance in designing and developing college-related web pages may request assistance. Email Digital Communications Manager.

Each department, office or program is responsible for providing the content for its web pages. The content will be reviewed and edited for style and consistency by the Office of Marketing & Communication.

Each department should review its pages periodically and submit a Project Request if changes are necessary.

Social Media

Marketing & Communication administers the college’s primary Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Business accounts, connecting Galveston College with students, faculty, alumni and friends everywhere.

Marketing & Communication can help other college departments launch their own social media sites and can provide consultation services on issues related to social media. The department also maintains the social media guidelines.

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Emergency Communications

Marketing & Communication plays an important role in disseminating emergency announcements via messaging on the college’s home page at, social media and through global email emergency messages. Email Digital Communications Manager

The Marketing & Communication team also alerts the media in the case of severe weather closings of both or either campus location. Marketing & Communication also administers the Blackboard Connect emergency alert notification system for students, faculty and staff. 

If you witness a campus emergency, please call 911 or contact the Galveston College Campus Security Department at

(409) 944-1361.


Marketing Strategy We never think of projects as separate, disjointed entities. Whether we are producing a video, creating a website, designing a brochure or organizing an event, we start with a plan that is in tune with the communication and marketing strategy at Galveston College. The end result is a project that promotes a specific initiative, event or department within our institution, as well as the overall Galveston College brand, underscoring the quality of programs and opportunities available at our college.
Design Designers play a key role in developing the appearance of a project. They select and shape creative content, transforming it into dynamic projects that engage the interest of the audience. From posters and postcards promoting academic programs to annual programs for special events to designing the pages of the Galveston College website, Marketing & Communication design services encompass a variety of projects, produced in accordance with Galveston College’s brand standards.
Business Cards, Name Tag, and/or Nameplate Request Form Request Form
Promotional Marketing  For review prior to the production of any promotional or marketing pieces, email samples to Creative Services Manager.
Photography Click here to submit a Public Affairs Project Request for a print publication (brochure, booklet, postcard, poster, etc.) to promote your Galveston College program or service.
Video Production

Galveston College’s video production efforts include everything from student feedback on topics of interest to highlights from special events and academic programs. Our videos help to convey a message that stands out quickly in the fast-paced world of electronic news. You can see our work featured on Galveston College social media.

Click here to submit a Marketing & Communication Project Request for a video project.


The Marketing & Communication office serves as a source of information and news about Galveston College for journalists and media professionals. Marketing & Communication is responsible for distributing news to local media outlets through news releases, story pitches and face-to-face interviews.

One important role of Galveston College’s Marketing & Communication office is to serve as official spokesperson for the college and act as a liaison between Galveston College and the local and national media. Marketing & Communication works to secure media coverage for Galveston College events and accomplishments, help members of the campus community respond to media inquiries, and publicize Galveston College news by writing stories and submitting press releases on a daily and weekly basis.

If you have an event, accomplishment or potential story you would like to share with us, please contact the Director of Marketing and Communication at


Requests are handled promptly; please allow time for review in production timelines.

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