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The Office of Development and the Galveston College Foundation exist to support and enhance the ability of Galveston College to achieve its mission of advancing people’s lives through lifelong learning. 

Universal Access (UA) Scholarships are provided by the Galveston College Foundation to ensure that every eligible high school graduate, or equivalent, who resides in the Galveston College taxing district, has the opportunity to attend college, receive an associate’s degree, or acquire technical training through a workforce development program and obtain a certificate. Beginning in Fall 2022, eligible Universal Access Endowment Scholarship recipients (UA) will receive an average of $104.40 per semester credit hour to cover tuition and fees. The lifetime limit is $6,264. Unused funds in any given semester or over the lifetime of the available award will be returned to the Galveston College Foundation. Beginning in Spring 2021, eligible UA students will receive Non-Tuition Educational Expenses Fund (UA+) awards of $35.00 per semester hour with a lifetime limit of $2,100. UA+ assists students with the purchase of required books, program equipment, tools, and including internet access codes. Students must initiate the UA+ award voucher process through the Financial Aid Office and comply with the requirements as stated in the application.

The traditional sources of funding available to the college (state funding, property taxes, tuition, and fees) are not enough to provide for all that needs to be done. The Galveston College Foundation provides opportunities for any individual, company or other organization to make a difference in our community by supporting Galveston College. There are many ways that you can assist the College to fulfill its vision of being.