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Click on the link to download a copy of the Universal Access Application. In 1996 the concept of a new program was born and became the inspiration of the Galveston College Foundation. That program is UNIVERSAL ACCESS (Advancing Community College Education for Student Success)

The vision of Universal Access is for every Galveston high school, GED or home schooled graduate to have the opportunity to receive up to two years of higher education and training, tuition assistance. The Board of Directors of the Galveston College Foundation raises Universal Access scholarship endowment funds to ensure each local graduate up to $2,400 in financial assistance from state and/or federal sources. See requirements and guidelines for potential Universal Access recipients.

The Universal Access commitment is motivation to encourage and inspire Galveston students to complete their education. Through Universal Access, we are building a legacy designed to improve the quality of life in Galveston. In the Fall of 2001, the vision of Universal Access to higher education and workforce training at Galveston College became a reality with the first scholarships awarded to the 2001 Galveston Island high school graduates, (eligibility has since been expanded to GED and home school graduates).

Universal Access Scholarship Guidelines

_____ 1. Meet the eligibilty and participation guidelines. 

_____ 2. Complete the 2016-17 FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. [Galveston College school code is 004972.]

_____ 3. Submit a FINAL OFFICIAL high school transcript or official GED to the admissions office.

_____ 4. Complete the Universal Access Scholarship Application and submit to the Financial Aid Office.

_____ 5. Complete a degree audit, signed by a Galveston College counselor or advisor, and submit to the Financial Aid Office.

_____ 6. Submit ALL FINAL OFFICIAL college transcripts to the admissions office.

For more information, call the Galveston College Financial Aid Office at (409) 944-1235.
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