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American Memory is part of the national digital library program.  It includes photographs, manuscripts (complete papers of Jefferson and Lincoln, etc.), rare books, maps, recorded sound, and moving pictures.  The collection is searchable.

National Archives and Records Administration makes available to the public at no charge, historical documents. An important site for students of history.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project brings together historical texts in the public domain. It includes three major sourcebooks for ancient, medieval, and modern history on specific topics, e.g., African, Jewish, women's, and lesbian and gay history.

Below are some key United States History reference sources found in the collection. They are listed in alphabetical order and include the call number:



The African-American Atlas: Black History and Culture- an Illustrated Reference REF E 185 .A79 1998
African American Encyclopedia, Vols. 7 & 8, Supplement REF E 185 .A253 1993
American Decades, 1900-1999, 10 vols. REF E 169.12 .A4194
American Eras, Colonial Era, 1600-1754 REF E 162 ,A5144 1998
American Heritage History of the 1920's and 1930's REF E 784 .A67
American Heritage History of World War I REF D 521 .M412
American Heritage Pictorial History of the Civil War 1960 REF E 468. 7 A62
American Indian Almanac REF E 77 .T34
The American Revolution, 1775-1783: an Encyclopedia, Vols. 1 & 2 REF E 208 .A433 1993
Atlas of American History REF 179.5 .A3 1978
The Asian-American Almanac: a Reference Work on Asian-Americans in the United States REF E 184 .O6 A824 1995
Asian American Chronology REF E 184 .O6 A8 1996
Asian American Encyclopedia, Vol. 1-6 REF E 184 .O6 A827 1995
Atlas of the North American Indian REF E 77 .W195 1985
Black Women in America, 2 vols. REF E 185.86 .B542 1993
Chronicle of the Indian Wars: From Colonial Times to Wounded Knee REF E 81 .A9 1993
Chronology of the United States REF E 174.5 .C63 1975
Civil War Dictionary REF E 468 .B7 1988
Cold War America 1946-1990 REF E 741 .G75 2003
Concise Dictionary of American Biography 1977-1990 REF E 176 .D564
Counties USA: A Directory of United States Counties REF E 154.5 .C69 2003
Dictionary of American History, 7 vols., an index, and 4 suppl. REF E 174 .A45 1996
Dictionary of Mexican American History 1981 REF E 184 .M5 M453
Documents of American History 1963 REF E 173 .C66
Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates 1987 REF E 174.5 .C3
Encyclopedia of the Clinton Presidency REF E 885 .L48 2002
Encyclopedia of Colonial and Revolutionary America REF E 188 .E63 1989
Encyclopedia of the Great Depression and the New Deal, V. 1 & 2 REF E 806 .C543 2001
Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement REF E 184 .M5 M458 2000
Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War REF E 404 .C93 1999
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes REF E 76.2 .W35 1999
Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies, 3 vols. REF E 45 .E53 1993
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture REF F 209. .E53 1989
Encyclopedia of Southern History REF F 207.7 .E52 1979
Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations, 4 vols. REF E 183.7 .E53 1997
Encyclopedia of the War of 1812 REF E 354 .H46 1997
Encyclopedia of Western Lawmen and Outlaws REF F 591 .N38 1992 
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, Vols. 1 & 2 REF E 184 .A1 G14 1995
Hispanic American Almanac REF E 184 .S75 H557 1993
Historic Dictionary of Reconstruction REF E 668 .T66 1991
Indian Tribes of North America, 3 vols. REF E 77 .M138 1972
The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference E 468 .L58 2002
Native American Women REF E 98 .W8 B38 2001
The New Handbook of Texas, 6 vols. REF F 384 .N48 1996
The Presidents: a Reference History REF E 176.1 .P918 1996
Simon and Schuster Encyclopedia of World War II REF D 740 .S57
The Vice Presidents: a Biographical Dictionary REF E 176.49 ,V52 1998
W.E.B. DuBois: An Encyclopedia E 185.97 .D73 W164 2001
Who Was Who in the American Revolution REF E 206 .P87 1993
Who Was Who in the Civil War REF E 467 .S56 1988
Who's Who Among Black Americans REF E 185.96 .W53 1994 
Who's Who in America REF E 176 .W642
Who's Who in American Politics REF E 176 .W6424

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