Training Course Descriptions

Microsoft Windows

Learn more about the personal computer and computing terminology. Topics include hardware and software, an overview of keyboard shortcuts, and basic operating system navigation. Learn about the Windows operating system and how to control the mouse. Discover how to use menus and dialog boxes, manipulate windows and customize the Desktop.  Register

File Management

Learn all that you want to know about file management! Discover how to create, move, copy and delete files and folders. Explore the difference between creating a shortcut and copying a file. Learn how to use Windows Explorer, to view resources and search for files and folders. Find out how to use basic saving techniques, and how to specify where files are saved so that you can find them later.  Register

Microsoft Word

Learn the basics of Microsoft Word and word processing. Create, save and print documents, use cut, copy and paste, apply character and paragraph formatting and insert headers and footers. Discover how to work with different document views, apply numbers and bullets and learn basic document formatting. Use spell check and learn how to make the most of online help. Find out how to use templates, wizards and how to organize lists. Discover how to utilize even more features of Microsoft Word to accomplish word processing tasks.  Register

Advanced Microsoft Word

Create tables quickly and easily while learning to use formulas and functions. Find out how to edit existing tables and to sort tabled data. Learn to split and merge cells as well as convert tabled data into text. Discover a broad range of Word features to improve the content, appearance and to speed up the editing of documents. Learn how to insert dates, lists, tab stops and to utilize multiple columns. Work with paragraph indents and use a number of Word-specific controls such as autoformat, autocorrect, autotext, and edit preferences. Learn how to work with drawing objects and to insert graphics, charts and diagrams. Find out how to use mail merge, utilize macros, create forms and how to import excel worksheets.  Register

MSExcelMicrosoft Excel

Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets.  Use Excel to organize, calculate, and report on data, use formulas to manipulate data, and format your spreadsheets for use in professional settings.  Understand how to sort information in a variety of ways, display and print parts of a spreadsheet, and name parts of a spreadsheet for use in other applications like Microsoft Outlook.

MSAdvExcelAdvanced Microsoft Excel

Understand how to split data from another application (like SunGard) into cells, see how data validation works, and use conditional formatting for various functions.  See how to create charts of all kinds to visually depict your data and learn how to protect your worksheets for viewing or collaboration.

Microsoft Access

Discover what a relational database is and what it can do for you. Learn to create a new database and create tables using design view and the Table Wizard. Find out how to set field properties, create input masks and lookup lists. Learn how to find and filter data, print data from your database, create relationships and use simple queries. Find out how to create basic forms and how to add records using the forms. See how to analyze tables, create reports and how to get help. Learn how to modify tables, use operators and how to design advanced queries. Find out how to create calculated fields, function and parameter queries.  Register

Advanced Microsoft Access

Discover how to create action queries, how to use advanced database features and how to manipulate controls. Create forms containing option groups and combo boxes and list boxes. Learn to customize the tab order in forms and use AutoFormat to make formatting easy. Discover how to use subforms and subreports. Learn how to create and use macros. Create ActiveX Controls on Forms and Command Buttons. Create and use Switchboards.  Register

Microsoft PowerPoint

Discover how to use PowerPoint to create, edit and save presentations. Learn how to use the AutoContent Wizard, design templates and how to spell check your presentation. Find out how to create speaker notes, utilize the Outline tab, create and format bulleted and numbered lists and how to insert, format, edit and proof text. Discover how to insert images, work with drawing objects and find out the different options for printing presentation data. Learn to use slide sorter view to make organizing your slides easier.  Register

Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

Find out how to edit multiple presentations at a time and how to get help. Work with advanced editing tools to create effective slide shows. Customize your presentations, work with slide masters and add special effects. Create note and handout masters. Draw and edit objects and create charts and tables. Learn how to export slides, use data from other sources and to share presentations for review. Find out how to create a custom slide show and how to present to a wider audience.  Register

Microsoft Outlook

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Outlook. Use Outlook email features to send receive, reply to and forward email messages. Find out how to format, track messages and create auto-signatures. Learn to utilize the office clipboard, attach files to messages and open and save attached files.  Register

Advanced Microsoft Outlook

Discover how to use the calendar feature, manage contacts, work with tasks, as well as how to use the journal and notes pane.  Register


Learn the basics of using xCatlyst to creating, maintaining, and approving web site changes. Learn how to add pictures, format paragraphs, insert tables,  and insert hyperlinks.  Register

Advanced xCatalyst

Discover what meta tags are and how to create them to make your web pages more accessible to users. Learn how to create a page description. Learn how to create polls, forms, and how to access the information from polls and forms.  Register

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