Wifi and Email Set Up

How to Set up Access to the Galveston College Wireless Network

1. Using your wireless configuration utility, connect to the wireless network named GCStudentWiFi.

2. Launch Internet Explorer or another web browser.  You will be redirected to another web page.

3. Login by entering your GC user name and password. Note: Your GC user name and password is also used to access the Whitecaps Portal, e-learning, and for logging into any on-campus computers.

4. Click the Launch Cisco Web Agent button

5. Install the Cisco Web Agent on your PC by following prompts.

6. Your computer will be checked to make sure it meets the security policies of the GC Public Wifi network,  If compliant, you will see a dialog box. Click the Continue button.

7. Congratulations! You have successfully logged on to Galveston College Public Wifi network.

How to Activate Your @Whitecaps.gc.edu Student Email Account

1. Login to Whitecaps Portal with your GC network user name and password.

2. On the "Quick Links" tab you will find the link for your Whitecaps Email.

3. Click on the "Whitecaps Email" tab to see your Whitecaps email address.  If the password displayed does not allow you access, please contact the Service Desk at 409-944-1352 to have your password reset.

4. Click the "Login to Whitecaps Student Email" link in the My Bookmarks section.  You will be taken to an external website hosted by MicrosoftTM called Office 365TM

5. Enter your Whitecaps email address into the Office 365TM ID box.  Type the password provided into the Password box.  Click the "Sign in" button when you have entered your information.  Please make note of the password which was provided.

6. After you have signed in, you will be prompted to create a new password.  Please ensure that you use at least 8 characters.  You must have at least 1 capital letter and numberic character.  When asked for the "old password", this will be either the inital password displayed in the previous screen OR the password provided to you by the Service Desk.

Updated 2/25/2014 - Content Author tkloppen