Student Testimonials

"Upward Bound has helped me throughout my high school years by showing me there is more opportunities out in this world. I wouldn't be where I am now without the program's help."

- Rosie


"Upward Bound has helped me build a foundation for my future. I am glad that I chose to be in this program because it has helped get me through high school and achieve my goals. I hope that others can gain what I've gained these last four years. I have been accepted to four universities with the help of Upward Bound, and I plan on enrolling in college in the fall."

- Stephanie


"I can write a whole lifetime about the things and information Upward Bound has helped me with. The Upward Bound program has tutors and a staff that will give you that guidance you need throughout your high school years. Upward Bound is a great opportunity to get you set for life."

- Brittany


"Upward Bound helped me find and get accepted into my dream college. I will be attending the University of North Texas."

- Manuel


"Without the help and motivation from Upward Bound, I have no idea how I could accomplish everything that I have in high school. Upward Bound is like my second family with a lot of moms. I appreciate all the motivation I didn't always want to hear, but needed. I appreciate everyone."

- Maritza


"The start of a whole new beginning. Upward Bound is a program that will take you out of your comfort zone and guide you in the right direction. I was able to try new things and learn how to prepare for college."

- Ronnika

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