Services & Benefits

The Galveston College Upward Bound program provides participants with the following services & benefits:

Instruction: Computer-assisted instruction in Math, Laboratory Science, Social Science, Composition, Literature, Foreign Language, Reading, Writing, and Study Skills.

Mentoring: Galveston College students, staff, and faculty build mentor relationships with participants of the Upward Bound program. These relationships provide participants with additional support throughout the program.

Weekly Tutoring: Upward Bound participants attend tutoring sessions twice a week at Galveston College.

Leadership Activities: Leadership conferences and seminars are offered several times a year.

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College Admissions Assistance: Upward Bound staff assists students throughout the college application process.

Advising: Upward Bound staff provides participants with academic, career, & personal advising.

STARR Prep: Students receive additional STARR preparation during tutorial sessions.

College/Career Exploration & Field Trips: During the program, students visit college campuses throughout the state of Texas; go to various professional settings; and participate in educational and cultural enrichment activities.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance: The Upward Bound staff provides information to students concerning available financial aid and scholarships.

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Cultural Events: Students are exposed to various musicals, museums, festivals, and cultural programs.

Social Enrichment Activities: Upward Bound staff provides students with an opportunity to experience various recreational activities (rock climbing, ice skating, bowling, IMAX, etc.)

College Entrance & Placement Exam Preparation: SAT; ACT; PSAT; TSI Assessment

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