Services & Benefits

The Galveston College Building Bridges to Success program provides participants with the following services and benefits:

Academic Advising:  BBS staff assists participants in setting their academic goals, preparing a schedule that meets their academic and personal needs, and provides support through their adjustment to college life.

Registration & Degree Plan Assistance: BBS staff assists students with degree selection, degree plans, and registration. This includes assisting students during course selection, determining prerequisite requirements, planning a schedule that will work best with the needs of the student.

Tutoring: In addition to the tutoring services available at Galveston College, BBS provides one-on-one tutorial services. These tutoring sessions are offered by appointment to compliment the participant’s schedule.

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Office Support: BBS participants receive access to communal computers, copier, fax, and phone.

Lending Library: Students that do not receive adequate funding to purchase books, may check out textbooks through the BBS Lending Library.

Enrichment Activities: During the program, participants will be given the opportunity to experience academic enrichment activities.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Support: BBS staff encourages all participants to complete a FAFSA and provides guidance throughout the completion process. BBS staff also provides students information concerning additional financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

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College Visits: Visits to area college campuses may be offered to provide students the opportunity to become familiar with prospective institutions.

Transfer Assistance: Students considering a transfer to a four-year institution are provided guidance from staff to ensure transferability of courses and meet application requirements.

Workshops, Conferences, & Seminars: Workshops, conferences, and seminars are available during the year to provide students additional resources for academic success.

Career Counseling & Exploration: BBS staff prepares students to make a successful transition from school to work. Staff members are available to assist students in preparing career goals, resume building, and referrals.

Personal Counseling & Referral: Staff members provide support and encouragement to students. When appropriate, staff members may refer a participant to a counselor for additional guidance.

Newsletters: The participants of BBS are informed of activities, workshops, and deadlines through newsletters and emails.

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Updated 5/20/2009 - Content Author mwiley