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Radiation Oncology Online Journal (ROOJ) this site has the journal as well as links to professional and public sites in radiation oncology.

Radiology Teaching Library-Library of hundreds of radiology images, CT Scan collections, and medical photographs.

Body Image Teaching Files-Body case files including computed tomography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography and plain films.




 Administration of imaging pharmaceuticals  RM 852 .I47 1996
 All About Bone  RC930 .S47 1998
 An analysis of radiographic quality:
 lab manual
 RC 78 .D69 1995
 Appleton & Lange's review for the
 radiography exam
 RC 78.15 .S25 2000
 Applications manual for Radiographic
 anatomy & positioning
 RC 78.4 .G76 1998
 Basic medical techniques and patient care
 in imaging technology
 RC 78 .T67 1997
 Blackburn's Introduction to Clinical Radiation
 Therapy Physics
 R 895 .B57 1989
 Breast imaging companion  RC 280 .B8 C366 1997
 Competency manual for radiographic
 anatomy positioning
 RC 78.4 .C67 1998
 Comprehensive radiographic pathology  RC 78 .E533 1995
 Computed Tomography:
 Study Guide and Review
 RC 78.7 .T6 S373 1997
 Critical thinking : developing skills in radiography  RC 78.15 .D87 1999
 Delmar's Principles of Radiographic
 Positioning & Procedures
 RC 78.4 .D435 1999
 Essential physics for radiographers  QC 661 .B25 1997
 Essential radiology : clinical presentation,
 pathophysiology, imaging
 RC 78 .G85 1998
 First-year Physics for Radiographers  QC 23 .H33 1998
 Fundamentals of special radiographic procedures  RC 78 .S66 1992
 Introduction to radiography and Patient Care, 2nd ed  R 898 .I55 1999
 Levitt & Tapley's Technological Basis of
 Radiation Therapy
 RC 271 .R3L48 1999
 Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapy, 2nd ed.  R 920 .G74 1997
 Medical radiography :
 PreTest self assessment & review
 RC 78.15 .L44 1996
 Merrill's atlas of radiographic positions and
 radiologic procedures V. I, II, III
 REF RC 78.4 .B35 2003
 Mosby's comprehensive review of radiography :
 the complete study guide
 RC 78.17 .C35 2002
 The Merck Manual V. I &  II  REF RC 55 .M4 1999
 MRI Principles  RC 78.7 .N83 M55 2004
 Naked to the bone : medical imaging in
 the twentieth century
 RC 78.7 .D53 K48 1997
 Nuclear medicine physics : the basics  R 895 .C47 1998
 Nuclear Medicine:  Technology and Techniques  R 895 .N964 1997
 Nursing Care in Radiation Oncology  RC 271 .R3 N87 1997
 Optimizing radiographic positioning  RC 78.4 .C85 1992
 Patient care in radiography  RC 78 .E48 1999
 Patient positioning  RC 78.4 .P38 1998
 Pediatric Radiology: The Requisites, 2nd ed.  RJ 51 .R3 B55 1998
 Physics in Nuclear Medicine  R 895 .S58 2003
 Pocket guide to radiography  REF RC 8.4 .B35 1999
 Primer on theory and Operation of Linear
 Accelerators in Radiation Therapy
 RM 862.5 .K37 1998
 Principles and practice of radiation therapy  RC 271 .R3 P734 1996
 Principles of radiographic imaging :
 an art and a science
 RC 78 .C34 1996
 Principles of radiographic imaging :
 an art and a science : workbook
 RC 78 .F56 1996
 Quality management for radiographic imaging  RC 78 .S775 2001
 Quality management in the imaging sciences  RC 78.7 .D53 P35 1998
 Radiation protection in medical radiography  RC 78.3 .S54 1998
 Radiation protection in the x-ray department  RC 78.3 .P53 1994
 Radiation Therapy Planning  RC 271 .R3B45 1996
 Radiographic anatomy and positioning :
 an integrated approach
 RC 78.4 .C67 1998
 Radiographic assessment for nurses  RC 78 .D483 1995
 Radiographic pathology for technologists  RC 78 .M185 1997
 Radiographic positioning :
 competency-based applications
 RC 78.4 .B22 1993
 Radiography : PREP :
 program review & exam preparation
 RC 78.15 .S255 1999
 Radiologic science for technologists :
 physics, biology, and protection
 R 895 .B86 1997
 Review of radiology  RC 78 .R453 1994
 The art and science of medical radiography  RC 78 .F563 1993
 The fundamentals of x-ray and radium physics  QC 481 .S457 1994
 Understanding radiography  RC 78 .H52 1993
 Walter and Miller's Textbook of radiotherapy:
 Radiation physics, therapy
 RC 271 .R3 B65 1993


Medline - Free access to Medline (index to medical journals) via PubMed and the National Library of Medicine. Citations to articles in medical journals used primarily by doctors and medical researchers.

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)-Citations to nearly 1,000 nursing journals.  The place to look for articles in scholarly nursing journals.  Very few full-text entries.  Indexing begins in 1982.

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