NOTE: This page provides only highlights from Galveston College's policy regarding computers and their use.  Click here to view a PDF copy of the entire policy statement.

Responsibilities of Users and General Guidelines

  • The primary purpose of the Library Computer Laboratory is to support the learning environment at Galveston College.
  • The Galveston College Computer Lab is for Galveston College credit and continuing education students and employees only.
  • Students may be asked to present a current Galveston College ID card.
  • Nobody may accompany the user into the lab.  This includes children, friends, etc.
  • No food, drink, cell phones or loud conversations will be permitted in the lab.
  • If the lab is full, the person who has been in the lab the longest period of time not doing college-related work will be asked to give up his/her station.
  • A user shall use the College computer resources responsibly, always showing consideration and respecting the rights of others by not displaying materials that are offensive to others.
  • A user is responsible for any usage of his/her computer account.  Users should always maintain the secrecy of their password(s).
  • A user must comply with all reasonable requests and instructions from the computer system operator/administrator.
  • When communicating with others via the College computer system, a user's communications should reflect high ethical standards, mutual respect, and civility.
  • Users are responsible for adhering to relevant network acceptable use policies.







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