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Welcome to the Philosophy Department home page. This site reviews useful information for those who will be taking courses in the Philosophy Department of Galveston College, whether as majors or as students taking required or non-required courses.


Philosophy majors engage in the exercise of thinking and analysis. A philosophy major develops critical thinking and problem solving skills by learning to analyze problems and consider them from various angles.  A philosophy major considers the thinking of the great philosophers of our time and as a result is able to think logically and soundly about a myriad of subjects. Such skills require reading and analysis along with research. Students may begin with works by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Anselm and Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Lock, Hume, De Beauvoir, and many others.



Majors in philosophy go on to careers in law, the health professions, business, federal, and state positions. According to the Department of Labor, the median yearly salary of philosophy majors was $81,200, ranked 16th of fifty fields and higher than all other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Philosophy majors score high on many different higher education entrance examinations.


Students majoring in Philosophy generally begin by taking Introduction to philosophy courses and learn of the number of classical scholars in the field. Classes are small with some individualized instruction. Following the completion of course work at Galveston College, students are assisted with finding the best four-year institution for transfer and completion of a four-year degree in philosophy.

Philsophy Two-Year Degree Plan

Non Majors

If you are not majoring in philosophy, you still may likely be taking one of the many courses that are offered in the philosophy area at Galveston College. We offer a number of excellent courses to enhance your writing and critical thinking skills—from Introduction to Philosophy to Introduction to Ethics and more.



Galveston College’s Philosophy Department includes a number of talented faculty who are well versed in the field. Instructors have master’s degrees in the field and are able to counsel students on a vast array of philosophy topics.


It is the goal of the Philosophy Department to engage students in a survey of various philosophers while assisting them in the development of critical thinking, analysis and research. Our mission is to provide the best possible tools for the development of ethical and logical thinking. We endeavor to provide an interactive experience for students that involves the development of insights and arguments which help in the crafting of clear, sound premises.


Tutoring is available at the Galveston College Learning Resources Center at 409-944-1244, or visit Northen, 119.

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