Petty cash guidelines & procedures

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See sample Petty Cash Reimbursement form (For interoffice use only.  Access Business Office forms via Intranet/Department//BO-Petty Cash Reimbursement Form).  Actual form is a multi-part form that may be obtained in the Bursar’s Office (2nd floor, Moody Building). 

Purpose of Petty Cash Fund

The purpose of a petty cash fund is to provide departments with ready cash for the payment of various small expenditures, such as cab fare, postage, highway tolls, parking fees, and similar expense items. 

Petty cash disbursements should be used only for small incidental expenditures and not as a method to bypass the College’s Accounts Payable and Purchasing systems.

Restrictions on Use

  1. The petty cash fund cannot be used to purchase goods currently covered by a College-negotiated contract. 
  2. The petty cash fund cannot be used to pay personal services (i.e., typing, photography, entertainers, caterers, etc.) that would be considered either wages (salary) or Independent Contractor payments. All payments for personal services must be paid through either:
    • The Payroll System as wages, or The Accounts Payable System on a Check Request Form if payment is being made to an independent contractor.
    • The Payroll Department should be contacted whenever there is a question as to whether the individual should be paid as an employee (wages) or as an independent contractor. 
  3. The petty cash fund cannot be used to reimburse an expenditure greater than fifty ($50) dollars. Depending on the item purchased, one of the following should be used for those expenditures exceeding $50:
    • Check Request. (Check Request forms are available in the Bursar’s Office.)
    • Purchase Requisition Form. (Refer to the Purchase Requisition Procedure)
    • Departmental Purchase Order Form.  (Refer to the Purchase Order Procedure)
  4. The petty cash fund cannot be used to pay travel expenditures, except for local travel.  Local travel is defined as travel within Galveston County. 
  5. The petty cash fund cannot be used to make personal loans, salary advances, or to serve as a check-cashing fund.

If it is anticipated that an expenditure will exceed the $50 limit and payment in cash is required by the vendor, plans should be made 7 days in advance to submit a completed Check Request Form to the Bursar’s Office.  The A/P Clerk will issue a check made payable to the originator, to be cashed for payment to the vendor.  To obtain reimbursement for the expenditure, submit a Check Request Form with appropriate receipt(s) to the Controller's Office. 

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