Key components of the Galveston College and GISD partnership include:

Data Coaching:

  • Highly qualified “coaches” will use data to identify key indicators of college-readiness and access in efforts to narrow the achievement gaps by implementing effective intervention strategies.
  • Data coaches will help transform goals and priorities to create a college-going culture.

Vertical Alignment Teams:

  • Vertical alignment teams will be made up of high school and college faculty from the English and math disciplines who will meet regularly to address curriculum alignment and interventions to reduce the need for remediation.
  • Vertical alignment team members will work in tandem to enhance communication between the community college and the high school and to create action plans based on college readiness standards and results from college entrance assessments.
  • Vertical alignment teams serve as professional development opportunities for faculty to increase their knowledge on practices or design innovations based on data and their understanding of what further actions need to be taken to improve alignment and student success outcomes.


  • Funds for the grant will be shared between Galveston College and GISD.
  • Funds will be used to help finance collaborative projects such as TSI placement assessments for high school sophomores, ACT/SAT/PSAT test prep workshops, summer bridge program, and college informational nights for parents.
  • Funds may also be allocated to expand upon and support existing innovative practices.
Updated 7/11/2012 - Content Author abennington