Online Learning

Need to stay connected to the world of learning, but find that your schedule doesn’t allow for attending classes on campus?

Galveston College, in partnership with Ed2Go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level skills.  

Our programs are designed by a team of professionals from their respective field, who work to provide the most effective web-based learning experience available today.

Instructors are actively involved in your online learning experience. They respond to any questions or concerns, as well as encourage and motivate you to succeed. 

Each program includes a set of lessons and evaluations; grades are a combination of the instructor/mentor's evaluation of students' work and computer graded tests.

For all other inquiries or to register for an online course please call 

(409) 944-1344. Program 60 does not apply.

Curriculum tracks include:

  • Certificate in Creative Writing - Online
  • Computer Basics & Business Applications - Online
  • Computer Certification Test Prep - Online
  • Computer Networking & PC Repair - Online
  • Computer Programming & Web Development - Online
  • Digital Imaging -Online
  • E-Business - Online
  • Entrepreneur & Event Planning - Online
  • Finance and Accounting - Online
  • Grant Writing - Online
  • Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing - Online
  • Green and Sustainability - Online
  • Health Careers - Online
  • Health Professionals, Continuing Education -Online
  • K-12 Teacher - Online
  • Languages - Online
  • Nonprofit Management - Online
  • Nutrition & Wellness - Online
  • Photography - Online
  • Project Management Training - Online
  • Six Sigma, Lean and ISO - Online
  • Test Prep: Professional & Standardized - Online
  • Writing - Online
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