Microfilm Bibliography




 American West  V.20 1-3  1983
 American Literature
 (Includes Index)
 V.71  Mar-Dec 1991
 College English
 (Includes Index)
 V.61  Sep 1998-Jul1999
 College Teaching
 (Diaz Pos. Heldfref Publications)
 V.33  1985
 Chronicles of Higher Education
 Includes Supplement(s): Reel 3 of 3
 V.50 Issue 39-49  Jun 4-Aug13, 2004
 Community College Journal  V.73  Aug 2002-Jul 2003
 Community College Review
 (Includes Index V.9 (2001-2002)
 V.30  Sum 2002- Sp 2003
 Community College Social Science Journal  V.3, 1-2  Sp 1980- Win 1981
 Community and Junior College Journal
 V.54, 1-8  Sep1983-May1984
 Community Technical and Junior College
 Journal (Includes Index)
 V.63  Aug-Sep 1992
 Comparative Literature  V.51  Win-Fall 1999
 Contemporary Literature  V.43  Sp-Win 2002
 Contemporary Review
 (Includes Index)
 Issue 1596-1607
 Jan-Dec 1999
 Criticism (Includes Index)  V.41  Win-Fall 1999
 Critique (Includes Index)  V.41  Fall 1999-Sum 02
 Current History (Index)  V.70  412-417
 V.71  418-422
 Essays in Criticism  V.52  Jan-Oct 2002
 Explicator (Includes Index)  V.58 Fall 1999-Sum 02 
 J/Marriage and the Family
 (Conts. Index)
 V.50  1-4  Feb-Nov 1988
 J/Nursing Education (Index)  V.24  1-9  Jan-Nov 1985
 J/Psychosocial Nursing and Mental
 Health Services (Index)
 V.23  1-12  1985
 Junior College Journal
 V.42  1-9  Aug 1971-Jul 1972

 Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine
 (Includes: Kiplinger’s Mutual Funds 1994)

 V.48  Jan-Dec 1994
 Ladies Home Journal  V.113  Jan-Dec 1996

 Life Black & White Ed.
 (Includes Special Commemorative Edition)

 V.17  Jan-Dec 1994

 Modern Fiction Studies (Includes
Cumulative Index V.46-47 (2000-2001)

 V.48  Sp-Win 2002

 Modern Language Association of America
 PMLA (Includes Directory; Program for
 the 115th Convention)

 V.114  Jan-Nov 1999
 MLN (Includes Index)  V.117  Jan-Dec 2002
 Modern Language Journal (Index)  V.64  1-4  Sp-Win 1980
 National Geographic (Reel 16)  V.31-32  Jan-Dec 1917
 New England Quarterly (Includes Index)  V.75  Mar-Dec 2002
 Nineteenth-Century Literature (Includes Index)  V.57  Jun2002-Mar2003
 North American Review (Includes Index)  V.284  Jan-Dec 1999
 Notes and Queries (Reel 38)  V. ns 12-18   Jan1965-Dec1971
 Nursing (Includes: Index V.18 (1980))  V.19  Jan-Dec 1989
 Nursing Clinics of North America
 (Cumulative Index V.19-20 1984-85)
 V.20  1-4  Mar-Dec 1985

 Pediatric Clinic of North America (Includes
 Cumulative Index V.23 1-4   Feb-Nov 1976)

 V.21-23  1974-1976
 Philological Quarterly (Reel 8)  V.51-56  Jan1972-Fall1977
 PMLA  V.90  1-6  Jan-Nov 1975
 Shakespeare Quarterly  V.17-26  Win1966-fall1999
 Studies in English Literature 1500-1900  V.39  Win-Fall 1999
 Studies in the Novel (Includes Index)  V.32  Sp-Win 2000

 Studies in Short Fiction (Includes Cumulative
 Index V.1-35  1963-1998)

 V.36  Win-Fall 1999
 Twentieth Century Literature  V.42  Sp-Win 1999
 Virginia Quarterly Review (Includes Index)  V.75  Win-Fall 1999
 World Literature Today
 (Includes Index V.72 1998)
 V.73  Win-Fall 1999
 Yale Review (Includes Index)  V.79  Fall1989-Sum1990

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