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Developmental Mathematics classes at Galveston College are designed to refresh and strengthen students’ basic math and algebra skills. The courses, available in either 8 or 16 week sessions, help students brush up on – and sometimes to learn for the first time – the math that they will need to be successful in their first college level math class. A placement test score plus the date and grade from the student’s last math class determine the most appropriate course level for that student.

Every student buys a MyMathLabs PLUS code that gives access to the class assignments, an online textbook, and other online resources. Each assignment has a due date, including homework (open book with online help), 5 question section quizzes related to each homework assignment, chapter quizzes, 5 timed exams throughout the semester, and a comprehensive final exam. Students may work at their own pace on these assignments. 

Each course requires that the student earn an overall average of 70% to receive credit for it.



Carolyn Harnsberry, M.S.



Kristopher Blackmon 

Carolyn Harnsberry

Clint Jones

Rodrigo Santoyo


Course Descriptions

MATH 0106, Intermediate Algebra Foundations (Prerequisites: MATH 0308): An independent study course intended for students who successfully complete MATH 0308 and decide to switch to an algebra-intensive pathway. The course includes the study of relations and functions, inequalities, algebraic expressions and equations (absolute value, polynomial, radical, rational), with a special emphasis on linear and quadratic expressions and equations.  

MATH 0300, Basic Mathematics (Prerequisites: None): Review of basic mathematics including arithmetic operations, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, percent, ratios, proportions, and applications of geometry concepts, with an introduction to basic concepts of algebra.

MATH 0303, Introductory Algebra (Prerequisites: MATH 0300): A study of variable expressions, linear equations and inequalities, the rectangular coordinate system, linear equations and inequalities in two variables, functions, and polynomials. 

MATH 0304, Intermediate Algebra (Prerequisites: INRW 0302, MATH 0303): A study of relations and functions, inequalities, algebraic expressions and equations (absolute value, polynomial, radical, rational), with a special emphasis on linear and quadratic expressions and equations.

MATH 0308, Foundations of Statistics (Prerequisites: INRW 0302, MATH 0303): A study of percentage, visual representations of data, frequency distributions, histograms, statistical graphics, mean, median, mode, sets, counting, multiplication principle, permutations, combinations, and linear regression. This course is designed specifically for students whose degree plan does not require an algebra-intensive college-level math course. Students whose career path requires an algebra-intensive college-level math course should take Intermediate Algebra, MATH 0304.




Math Lab provides free tutoring in all developmental math courses offered at Galveston College.  During their scheduled lab hours, instructors and supplemental instructors can assist students in setting up MyMathLab student accounts, as well as provide students with assistance with MyMathLab homework.

Summer I and II 2016 Math Lab Hours (Room N-347): Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 9:00 pm

Summer II Math Lab Schedule

Math Mini Video Lectures by Carolyn Harnsberry




In these hands-on contextualized courses, designed by Carolyn Harnsberry, students in the Welding Technology Program apply the mathematical knowledge and concepts learned in the math class to create and complete projects in the welding lab. The hands-on contextualized math classes for students enrolled in the Welding Technology Program are taught on site at Galveston College's Applied Technologies Center. Be sure to check the most current course schedule for current learning options. Check out the videos below for a look at how this program works.




  Laying the Foundation for Success in College-Level Mathematics


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