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The following print resources are in the Galveston College Library. Many of these volumes will be helpful in completing literary research papers.

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Useful Online Resources

Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Dictionary of Literary Biography. These three databases can be searched simultaneously and provide in-depth information on the lives and writings of nearly 100,000 authors along with critical reaction to their works. Access to these databases are currently only available on campus.

Online Literary Criticism Collection. Contains critical and biographical websites about North American, British, and Irish authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by literary period.

Additional online resources are listed below, sorted by genre.

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American Authors on the Web lists more than 733 authors arranged by birthdate with links. Evaluate the reliability of links before using.

Bible Browser offers nine versions of the Bible in a full-text online database.

Complete Works of William Shakespeare contains full text (Moby version).

Free Library of Classics offers free access to classic works of literature including novels, plays, historical documents, poetry and short stories.

Internet Classics Archive (MIT) contains over 400 Greek and Latin classics.

Literary Resources on the Net is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing with English & American literature, excluding most single electronic texts and limited to collections of information useful to academics.

Norton Websource to American Literature is the online companion to the 5th edition of the text.

Project Gutenberg is home to hundreds of full-text classics.

Storytellers:  Native American Authors Online has biographies of Native American authors, lists of their works and some full text.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet annotated directory of scholarly web-based materials.

Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research is a portal to works written in English taught in departments of English and American literature.

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Academy of American Poets has poems and biographies from over 100 featured poets.

American Verse Project (University of Michigan) contains volumes of American poetry with copyright prior to 1920. contains full text of nine anthologies such as the Oxford Book of English Verse and full text of several collected works by poets such as Frost and Dickinson.

British Women Romantic Poets 1789-1832 contains full text documents of this period.

Contemporary American Poetry Archive designed to make out-of-print volumes of poetry available.

Poet's Corner has 6,218 poems and 679 authors indexed by author, titles, first lines and keywords.

Representative Poetry On-Line (University of Toronto) has over 1,600 English poems by over 200 authors.

Sonnet Central is an archive of English language sonnets translations from other languages as well as some criticism included.

Twentieth-Century Poetry in English has photos, sample poems, biographical sketches, bibliographies, and links to other sites on over 150 modern poets.

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Bibliomania- Short Stories is a collection of short stories by American and international writers organized alphabetically by name and title of their work. Authors include Anton Chekhov, Rudyard Kipling, Herman Melville, Mark Twain.

Charles Dickens provides links to some of his short stories such as "The Child's Story," "The Poor Relation's Story," and "The Schoolboy's Story."

Edgar Allan Poe via Online Literature Library contains 5 complete short stories of Poe: "The Cask of Armontillado," "The Pit and the Pendulum," "The Assignation," "The Tell-Tale Heart," and "A Tale of the Ragged Mountains."

Twenty Great American Short Stories gives full-text versions of short stories by Louisa May Alcott, Willa Cather, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and others.

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The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation gives examples of correct and incorrect usage of common grammar and punctuation errors.

Common Errors in English contains explanations of commonly confused words.

Guide to Grammar and Writing is a comprehensive guide for grammar and basic writing.

On-line English Grammar produced in England for students and teachers of English as a second language.

Research Papers is a good source for writing information and help.  Site contains over 4,000 topic suggestions for papers, online pathfinders to develop better writing and discussion groups to post queries.

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African-American Authors (1745-1945). REF PS 153 .N5 A32 2000

African-American Writers. REF PS 153 .N5 A344 2001. This volume provides an introduction to the works of 35 African American writers. Each chapter has a selected bibliography, and the authors appear in alphabetical order.

American Writers. 4 VOLS. REF PS 129 .A55. The biographies are arranged alphabetically by the subject's surname. Most articles are lengthy and end with a list of the author's most important works and bibliography of works about the author.

Black Writers. REF PS 153 .N5 B632 1989. This work provides biographical and bibliographical information on more than four hundred black authors active during the twentieth century.

British Writers. 8 VOLS. WITH 10 SUPPLEMENTS AND 2 RETRO SUPPLEMENTS. REF PR 85 .B688. British writers is designed as a work reference to complement American writers. The series begins with the fourteenth century, extends to the present, and is printed in chronological order according to the date of the subject's birth. Each article has a bibliography.

Contemporary Poets. 7th ED. REF PR 603 .C6 2001. These brief biographies of 779 poets include bibliographies and statements by the actual authors about their work.

Enycyclopedia of American Poetry, The twentith century. REF PS 316 .E63 1998 This volume provides biographical information on 150 19th century American poets. Brief analysis of some works, a list of selected works and further reading suggestions for each poet are provided. Alphabetical by poet with a first line index in back.

Latin-American Writers. 3 VOLS WITH 1 SUPPLEMENT. REF PQ 7081 .A1 L37 1989. These volumes contain lengthy biographies on 176 Spanish-American and Brazilian writers. Each entry has a bibliography of works by and about the author. Similar in format to American writers.

Modern American Women Writers. REF PS 151 .M54 1991. This volume brings together critical and biographical essays about forty-one representative women writers who have published in the United States since the 1870's.

Modern Black Writers. REF PN 841 .M58 2000. This volume contains over 200 black writers from around the world.  Brief analysis of works, bibliographies for each author. Arranged alphabetically by name.

Poets American and British. 3 VOL. REF PS 303 .P64 1998. Biographical information on 79 of the most studied British and American poets. Short critical essays followed by a bibliography which includes lists of works and suggested readings. Alphabetical by poets’s last name.

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Encyclopedia of Traditional Epics. REF PN 56 .E65 E64 1994. Contains brief entries on numerous epics from all over the globe. Arranged alphabetically by epic, includes geographic and chronological indexes.

Merriam Webster's Dictionary of Allusions. REF PN 43 .W384 1999.  Short explanations of allusions that appear in daily reading. Provides history, pronunciation and contemporary examples.

Merriam Webster Encyclopedia of Literature. REF PN 41 .M42 1995. This work consists of dictionary entries of authors, works, characters and literary terms with pronunciations and etymologies.

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Black Literature Criticism. 3 VOLS AND 1 SUPPL. REF PS 153 .N5 B556 1992. This source cites criticism of works by major black writers of the past 200 years. There is also an author index, a nationality index, and a title index.

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism. 35 VOLS REF PN 621 .C53. This series serves as an introduction to the authors and literary works of antiquity through the fourteenth century, as well as the most significant commentators on these authors and works.

Contemporary Literature Criticism. 125 VOLS WITH CUMMULATIVE INDEX REF PN 771 .C59. CLC presents significant passages from the published articles of work by well-known novelists, short story writers, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers. For purposes of selection for CLC, contemporary writers are those who are either now living or who have died since January 1, 1960. Each volume lists about 100 authors, with an average of about five excerpts from critical articles or reviews. The authors covered are international. There is a cumulative index to authors and critics.

Critical Survey of Drama: English Language Series. 6 vols. REF PR 623 .C75 1985. These volumes contain articles on dramatists who wrote in the English language. The articles are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. The articles cover 198 dramatists and include a critical analysis of each author's major dramatic works.

Critical Survey of Drama, Revised Edition. 7 vols. REF PR 623 .C75 1994. A revision of the 1985 series. This edition contains 240 essays, 22 dealing with playwrights.

Critical Survey of Poetry: English Language Series. 8 vols. REF PR 502 .C85 1982. This set covers much of the poetry and poets of the English language. The last volume is devoted to extended essays about poetry and an index.

Critical Survey of Poetry: Foreign Language Series. 5 vols. REF PN 41 C7 1984. The first four volumes provide critical studies of 197 poets whose works have had an important influence in their native language. Volume five comprises a collection of twenty-seven essays on special areas of poetry.

Critical Survey of Short Fiction, 2nd ED.REVISED.  7 vols. REF PN 3321 .C71. This set contains essays on both general themes and authors of short fiction in the English language. Approximately 250 authors are represented in the set.

Drama Criticism. 24 vols. REF PN 1707 .D69. These volumes offer biographical sketches and critical essays on many dramatists and their works. The volumes are arranged alphabetically and contain bibliographies for further inquiry.

Hispanic Literature Criticism. 2 vols. 2 SUPPLEMENTS REF PQ 7081 .A1 H573 1994. Each entry in this series provides a biographical sketch and critical responses to the author's work. In addition, each entry concludes with a list of works for further inquiry.

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800. 52 vols. REF PN 701 .L57. This volume presents significant passages from published criticism on authors who died between 1400 and 1800.

Masterpieces of African-American Literature. REF PS 153 .N5 M264 1992. This volume is arranged alphabetically by title of the work. Included are novels and poetry and each entry gives a summary of a work and its critical context.

Masterpieces of Latino Literature. REF PQ 7081 .A1 M29 1996. This volume features summaries and criticism about the major works of Latino literature. It consists of 140 essays on popular works of fiction and 33 general essays on the poetry, plays and short stories of notable Latino writers.

Masterplots, 2nd ED. 12 vols. REF PN 44. M33. Published in five stages beginning in 1949, Masterplots comprises a collection of summaries covering 1,801 titles from world literature. Plot summaries are arranged alphabetically by title. Each summary is preceded by the type of work, authorship, type of plot, time of plot locale, and first publication date. The time range of the works is from pre-homer to the present.

Masterplots II: African American Literature Series. 3 vols. REF PS 153 .N5 M2645. This series consists of 266 essays on all genres of African-American literature. Each entry has a plot summary, themes and meanings, critical context and bibliography.

Masterplots II: American Fiction Series. 6 VOLS. REF PN 846 .M37. Each article is on an individual work and includes a synopsis of the work, then discusses the characters, the themes and meaning, gives a critical review of the work and lists some other articles for information.

Masterplots II: Drama Series. 4 vols. REF PN 6112.5 .M37 1990. This set examines 327 works of the twentieth century drama. The majority are English-language works, but also feature drama in translation from non-English speaking countries. The works are arranged alphabetically by title.

Masterplots II: Poetry Series. 6 vols and 3 supplements. REF PN 1110.5 .M37 1992. This set examines 760 individual works of poetry - ranging from seventh century Chinese verse to twentieth century poetry from around the world. The majority are English language poems. In all, works by 275 poets, writing in more than ten languages, are featured. The works are arranged alphabetically by title.

Masterplots II: Short Story Series. 6 vols. 4 Supplements. REF PN 3326 .M27. These are critical evaluations of 732 short stories from world literature. Articles vary in length but are usually within the range of fifteen hundred to two thousand words. At the end of the set there is a bibliography.

Masterplots II: World Fiction Series. 4 vols. REF PN 3326 .M281988. Covers a variety of novels by foreign authors. Some are new works by well known authors and some cover items left out of earlier series. Each article contains a synopsis of the novels covered, a short discussion of the characterization and the themes and meanings. A short critical comment, and lists sources to find out more about the author. Volume 4 has an author and title index.

Modern American Literature: A Library of Literacy Criticism, 5th ed. 3 vols. REF PS.221.M53 1999. These volumes have criticism of important American authors from the early 1900's to the present, alphabetically arranged.

Modern French Literature. 2 vols. REF PQ 306 .M57. This source is similar in format to modern American literature and modern British literature.

Modern Women Writers. 4 vols. REF PN 471 .M62. These volumes contain selections from published criticism on female authors writing in the 20th century.

Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism. 80 vols. REF PN 761 .N5. NCLC presents significant passages from published criticism on authors who died between 1800 and 1900. The authors discussed are international. Each author entry represents an historical overview of the critical response to the author's work: early criticism is presented to indicate initial responses, later selections represent any rise or decline in the author's literary reputation.

Novels for Students: Presenting Analysis, Context and Criticism on Commonly Studies Novels. 20 vols. REF PN 3385 .N68. These volumes guide readers to understand, enjoy, and study novels by providing introductions to the novels and their authors, plot summaries, character descriptions, important themes discussed in the novels, and explanations of literary techniques as they are demonstrated.

Poetry Criticism. 55 vols. REF PN 1111 .P6. These volumes are designed to provide users with substantial critical excerpts and biographical information on the world's most frequently discussed and studied poets. Each entry also has biographical and bibliographical information.

Poetry for Students. 21 vols. REF PN 1101 .P64. This volume focuses on single, commonly studied poems with author biographies, poem text,summaries, themes, style, historical context, critical overviews and criticism.

Reference Guide to Short Fiction. REF PN 3373 .R36 1994. This volume is broken into two parts. Part one consists of biographical information and criticism on significant writers of short fiction from the 19th and 20th century. Part two consists of critical essays of individual short stories.

Shakespearean Criticism. 46 vols. REF PR 2965 .S43. These volumes present significant passages from published criticism on the works of Shakespeare. Each entry consists of a play heading, an introduction, excerpts of criticism, and an annotated bibliography of additional reading.

Shakespeare Survey. 58 vols. REF PR 2888 .C3. Each volume is related to Shakespeare's writings of life. Each volume is usually divided into chapters that are written by different individuals. Most chapters are heavily footnoted. Volume 19 on Macbeth is missing.

Short Story Criticism. 76 vols. REF PN 3373 .S57. This work contains criticism on short stories and is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. There is an author and title index.

Short Stories for Students. 20 vols. REF PN 3373 .S56. These volumes present analysis, context and criticism on 100 commonly studied short stories. Stories are arranged alphabetically by title within each volume. Subject/theme, author and ethnicity indexes included. Any media adaptations of stories are noted.

Short Story Writers. 3 vols. REF PN 3373 .S3987 1997. This work surveys 102 of the most important authors of short fiction. The main section is devoted to an analysis of the authors' writings.

St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers. REF PS 374 .S35 S68 1996. Entries in alphabetical order by author contain a short biography, list of published works, critical essays and if living a short commentary by the author.

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism. 94 vols. REF PN 771 .T8. These volumes present significant passages from published criticism on authors who died between 1900 and 1960. Each volume contains authors who represent a variety of nationalities. There are indexes. Plot summaries.

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Manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations. 6th ED. REF LB 2369 .T8 1996. This manual , better know as Turabian, provides guidance on citation and punctuation for term papers.

MLA Handbook for writers of research papers, 7th ED. REF LB 2369 .G53 2009 . The style manual for MLA citation format and punctuation. Intended for undergraduate students. 

APA The sixth edition of the APA Style manual offers new and expanded instruction on publication ethics, statistics, journal article reporting standards, electronic reference formats, and the construction of tables and figures. REF BF76.7 .P83 2010 c.1

Penguin Dictionary of American English usage and Style. REF PE 1464 .L68 2000. A readable reference book, illuminating thousands of traps that snare writers and speakers.

For help finding other sources, please ask at the Reference Desk. 

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