The Leadership Galveston program was revived during 1995 as a project of Galveston College's Leadership Institute in partnership with the Galveston Chamber of Commerce. The Leadership Galveston members now boast over 300 former graduates of diverse backgrounds and experiences that studied the social and economic aspects of Galveston in previous leadership classes between 1984-1990 and 1995 - 2005. The purpose of Leadership Galveston is to develop leaders by providing an educational program on the needs, challenges, and service learning opportunities in the City of Galveston and to provide motivation for the leadership candidates to become involved in Galveston's future.

Galveston College Leadership Institute Objectives
Complete the Leadership Galveston Application and the Employer’s Certification forms and mail to:

Galveston College Leadership Institute
C/O Leadership Galveston Coordinator
4015 Avenue Q
Galveston, TX 77550

 Please click HERE for the the Leadership Galveston Application and the Employer’s Certification.

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