Diesel engine testing & Repair certificate

This 200 hour certificate program provides students seeking a career in diesel technology the skills necessary to successfully enter the profession. Students will learn use of engine measuring tools, and the principles of operation for major engine components. Diesel engine cooling systems, air intake and exhaust system, turbo-chargers and diesel engine emissions are presented. Fuel injection systems, the theory and operation of fuel injection pumps and injection nozzles are covered as well as lubrication systems. Upon completion, students will have learned basic diesel engine trouble shooting and preventive maintenance, testing and repairing diesel engines utilizing electrical test equipment, computer controls and computer system diagnostic tools and will be able to disassemble and assemble diesel engine. Students will also be prepared to take the ASE Test for Diesel Engines. Long sleeve shirt and pants appropriate for a shop environment must be worn. Textbooks required.

High School Diploma or GED is require

The following courses will be taught:                                                                     

Diesel Engine Testing and Repair I (DEMR 1010)

Diesel Engine Testing and Repair II (DEMR 2012)

Classes are taught in Ball High School Automotive Shop.

Please see the link below for a schedule of classes, or please call the Continuing Education Professional Development Center at 409-944-1344 or 409-944-1347 to register or for further inquiries, or email us at ce@gc.edu.

 Industrial Institute 

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