Hispanic Student Organization



The Hispanic Student Organization was originally founded as the Mexican-American student organization in October 1971. It was renamed on October 1992 because of the diverse Latin cultures that were represented at Galveston College. The organization's main purpose is to provide Hispanic students an opportunity to meet and discuss culture, education, careers, community, social issues, and the opportunity to communicate with other Hispanic organiztions from neighboring colleges.



President             Kenya Salazar                    Kenya.salazar@whitecaps.gc.edu

Vice President    Gabriela Zepeda                    

Secretary             Jessica Arredondo                 

Treasurer            Yesenia Ayala                 




Dr. Connie Gomez           cgomez@gc.edu

Dr. Ana Sanchez               asanchez@gc.edu

Rigo Santoyo                      rsantoyo@gc.edu

Elvia Segura                       esegura@gc.edu


SCOLA Conference on Latino Affairs (Texas A&M College Station) 2016


HSO Hispanic Soups Fundraiser

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