high school students

Dual Credit/Early Enrollment

High school students can earn college credits while concurrently attending high school.  Galveston College's Dual Credit/Early Admissions Program provides an opportunity for high schools students to get a head-start on earning transferable college credits at a minimal cost before graduating from high school. 


1.  Must be classified as a junior in high school.
2.  Complete the Application for Admission with the Residency Questionnaire. 
3.  Complete the Dual Credit or Early Admission Enrollment form.
4.  Score at college level on TAKS, STAAR, SAT, ACT, and/or TSI Assessment tests.  Students may also be eligible via PSAT scores (certain guidelines apply - see your counselor).
5.  Submit an official high school transcript.

All completed and signed documents by the high school counselor and parent should be submitted to Galveston College Office of Admissions.



Additional credit may be available through designated Advanced Placement high school courses. Contact your high school guidance counselor for more information.

A student may enroll in a maximum of six credit hours per semester as a dual credit/early admit student.  Any exceptions to this policy must be made by the Vice President.


Updated 8/6/2014 - Content Author tbranum