Health Sciences


Allied Health
Emergency Medical Services  Radiation Therapy Technology
Nuclear Medicine Technology Surgical Technology


 Pharmacy Technology


Administrative Staff

Vera Lewis-Jasper
Dean, Technical and Professional Education

Room: M-300
(409) 944-1496

Elaine Renola
Director of Nursing

Room: R-266
(409) 944-1387

Divisional Support Staff

Iles, Elizabeth - Administrative Assistant I, Allied Health

Room:  N-200
(409) 944-1490

Macias, Mari – Administrative Assistant II, Dean Technical and Professional Education

Room: M-230
(409) 944-1286

Staub, Christa – Administrative Assistant I, Nursing

Room: R-265
(409) 944-1396


Bastien, Deborah – 2nd year ADN Coordinator/Instructor of ADN   Martinez, Sandra – Instructor of Radiography
Britton, Pamela – VN Coordinator/Instructor of VN   Moran, Troy – Instructor/Coordinator of CT
Brown, Bobby – Coordinator of Nuclear Medicine   More, Dwayne - Instructor of ADN
Callahan, Hubert – Instructor/Coordinator of Radiation Therapy Technology   Perry, Patricia – Instructor of ADN
Cerani, Edoardo - Instructor/Coordinator of MRI   Prue, Rory - Instructor/Coordinator of EMS
Gongora, Joanne – Instructor of ADN   Shea, Susan – 1st year ADN Coordinator/Instructor of ADN
Harbeson, George - Instructor of ADN   Stout, Ed -  – Instructor/Coordinator of Radiography
Mader, Joan - Instructor of ADN  
Clark, Jerry - Instructor of EMS Hull, Jennifer - Instructor of Phlebotomy
Clark, Shannon - Instructor of EMS Kirkpatrick, Judith – Instructor of ADN
Follis, Lori - Instructor of Nuclear Medicine   Michejenko, Bronia – Instructor of ADN
Hardgrove, Joanne - Instructor of Breast Imaging/Mammography   Penton, Rebekah - Instructor of ADN/VN
Hellmann, Sharon – Instructor of ADN   Washington, Arlinda - Instructor of ADN
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