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CIA World Factbook has data from every country around the world, geographic size, population, government type, etc.information that sums up a country's facts in a page or two.

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The following selected sources can be found in the library.

This list is in alphabetical order and only includes reference materials.



 African-American atlas : Black history and culture  REF E 185 .A79 1998
 Atlas of American history  REF E 179.5 .A3 1978
 Atlas of ancient America  REF E 61 .C66 1986
 Atlas of Central America  REF G 1550 .A8
 Atlas of Central America and the Caribbean  REF G 1550 .D5 1985
 Atlas of classical history  REF G 1033 .A833
 Atlas of South America  REF G 1700 .B7 1991
 Atlas of Southeast Asia  REF G 2360 .U4 1988
 Atlas of the ancient world : charting the
 great civilizations of the past
 REF G 1033 .O5 1992
 Atlas of the Holocaust  REF G 1797.21 .E29
 G583 2002
 Atlas of the North American Indian  REF E 77 .W195 1985
 Atlas of the People's Republic of China  REF G 2305 .A84 1989
 Atlas of the prehistoric world  REF G 1046 .C57 P3 1999
 Battlefield atlas of the American Revolution  REF G 1201 .S3 S9
 Cultural atlas of China  REF DS 721 .B56 1983
 Cultural atlas of Russia and the Soviet Union  REF DK 32 .M62 1989
 Cultural atlas of the Renaissance  REF CB 361 .C85 1993
 Economist atlas  REF G 1021 .E22 1992
 Environmental geologic atlas of the
 Texas coastal zone
 REF QE 168 .G2 T3
 First World War atlas  REF D 505 .G5
 Goode's world atlas  REF G 1021 .G6 2000
 Historical and cultural atlas of
 African Americans
 REF E 185 .A8 1991
 Historical atlas of Islam  REF G 1786 .S1 F7 2002
 Historical atlas of Texas  REF F 386 .S86 1988
 Historical atlas of the American West  REF G 1381 .S1 B4 1989
 Merriam-Webster's geographical dictionary  REF G 103.5 .W42 1998
 Military atlas of the First World War  REF G 1037 .B36
 New atlas of African history  REF G 2446 .S1 F73 1991
 Russian history atlas  REF G 2111 .S1 G52 1972
 Shepherd's historical atlas  REF G 1030 .S4 1973
 The Atlas of the United States and
 Canadian Environmental History
 REF GF 503 .A84 2003
 The state of the world atlas  REF G 1021 .S65 1999


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