Students who have not attended Galveston College in at least one long semester (fall or spring) must reapply for admission as a Returning Student.


RETURNING STUDENTS who have attended within the past 12 months


If you previously attended Galveston College and have not enrolled for one Fall or Spring semester, you must submit a Readmission Application and submit proof of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination (if applicable).



If you  previously attended Galveston College and have not enrolled for at least one year (12 months), you will be required to submit a full Application for Admission with the Residency Questionnaire and submit proof of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination (if applicable).  In addition, official transcripts from other colleges and universities that you have attended will be required.

You may fill out either application below and submit to the Admissions Office for processing.




Effective January 1, 2012, pursuant to the Jamie Schanbaum and Nicole Williams Act (Texas Education Code 51.9192) all entering students are required to submit proof of vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis. Evidence of the vaccination may be no older than 5 calendar years from the initial date of enrollment.  

Students who are not enrolled for one fall or spring semester may be required to resubmit proof of vaccination.


  • Students 22 years of age or older
  • Students taking online courses only
  • Dual credit students unless the course is taught on the Galveston College campus
  • Students who have a signed affidavit from the physician stating the vaccination is injurious to the health of the student
  • Students with a signed affidavit declining the vaccination for reasons of conscience


Acceptable Proof of Vaccination

Acceptable proof of vaccination against meningitis must include the following:

  • Name of facility administering vaccination
  • Name and signature of doctor/medical personnel administering vaccination
  • Name of vaccine administered to student
  • Date of vaccine administration

Students with questions concerning Bacterial Meningitis should contact the Admissions and Records Office at 409-944-1230.

transcript requests

For information on requesting an official transcript, please visit our Transcript Request Page.

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