The Financial Aid program at Galveston College provides financial assistance to those students, who without such aid, would not be able to pursue a higher education. The primary responsibility for financing an education rests with the student and their family, and Galveston College is aware that assistance beyond the family's resources sometimes becomes necessary. In cases where financial need for eligible students is documented, Galveston College will assist, as far as possible, using all available local, state, and federal funds. Galveston College Title IV Federal School Code: 004972

Spring 2014 Financial Aid Important Dates to Remember!!!!

This is intended to be a helpful list. For a full and comprehensive calendar, please see the Credit Class Schedule.


Priority Deadline for Winter Mini 2014 & Spring 2015 November 11, 2014
Book Vouchers for Winter Mini 2014 December 8-17, 2014
Book Vouchers for Spring 2015 January 12-February 4, 2015
Funds are applied to student accounts February 4, 2015

Loan disbursements applied to accounts for regular borrowers

February 4,  2015
Financial Aid refunds are mailed to students February 19, 2015

Loan disbursements applied to accounts for first time borrowers

February 19, 2015


 General processing time once forms are submitted

Verification Documents

2-3 Weeks
Loan Applications 1-2 Weeks
Appeals and Supplemental Documentation 10 Business Days
Other Forms and Documentation 2-3 Weeks

Processing times may increase during peak periods.

Incomplete or insufficient forms will cause processing delays.

You may check your award status on your Whitecaps Portal. If you have not received a reply by the end of the general processing time, please contact the Financial Aid Office.


The application to apply for federal aid or Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is FREE to complete, please do not pay to fill out the FAFSA.
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