External Scholarships

There are other resources available for students that are not offered at the federal or state level. Below are links to outside entities that are available to search for additional awards and scholarships.




 Other financial aid sources


The program provides full-time educational awards in return for community service work. You can work before, during, or after your college education, and you can use the funds to pay current educational costs or repay federal student loans. www.americorps.org

Businesses and labor unions

Many companies, businesses and labor organizations have programs to help employees or members and their families pay the cost of higher education. Ask your organization if they offer a scholarship program and their application process.

Organizations, foundations, etc

Local foundations, religious organizations, fraternities or sororities, clubs, associations, civic groups, high schools, private charities, ethnic organizations, credit union or banks usually offer financial assistance. Include in your search local community organizations such as: American Legion, YMCA, 4-H Club, Elks, Girls or Boy Scouts, Kiwanis, or Chamber of Commerce, etc. Searching organizations with your field of interest can also be helpful, such as American Medical Association, American Bar Association, etc.





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