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Welcome to the English Department home page. This site reviews useful information for those who will be taking courses in the English department of Galveston College, whether as majors or as students taking required or non-required courses.



Students who major in English develop strong communication skills that provide opportunities for work in a variety of fields. Such students focus on reading and writing skills that are grounded in strong comprehension and analysis.


For up-to-date information on jobs for English majors go to the United States Bureau on Labor Statistics: The site reports that employment in the communications sector is expected to increase by 16.9 percent, adding 277,000 jobs. Students majoring in English/Communications often take jobs as teachers. However, there are a number of other jobs for graduates from the English field. They include but are not limited to: writers and editors—salaried positions at newspapers, magazines, book publishing firms, computer software firms, television broadcasting studios, public relations firms, business and non-profit organizations, labor unions, religious organizations and healthcare organizations.


Students majoring in English generally begin by taking composition courses and learn a number of skills from analyzing texts to developing compositions. Classes are small with individualized instruction; students are assisted in the use of computers to develop essays and engage in research for assignments. Following the completion of course work at Galveston College, students are assisted with finding the best four-year institution for transfer and completion of a four-year degree in English.


Creative Writing Degree Plan 

Literature Degree Plan


Non Majors

If you are not majoring in English, you still may likely be taking one of the many courses that are offered in the English composition and English literature area at Galveston College. We offer a number of excellent courses to enhance your writing and communication skills—from English composition to British and American literature and special topics.






Galveston College’s English Department has specialists in composition as well as literature and creative writing. Faculty are interactive with students as classes offer opportunities for expression and development of both professional and creative material. English faculty present and publish for professional organizations and work to assist students in getting their work published as well.


In keeping with the goals of Galveston College, the English faculty at Galveston College is committed to providing a superior program of instruction for students. The mission includes confirmation that students are able to communicate clearly in  writing, as well as perform basic research functions in preparation for their other academic course work and in preparation for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.


Galveston College English Department offers an online tutoring program with sentence exercises and assistance with essays. The site is available through Galveston College’s Learning Management System and must be requested for access.

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