Emergency Medicine Bibliography


Medline (http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed) Free access to Medline (index to medical journals) via PubMed and the National Library of Medicine.  Citations to articles in medical journals used primarily by doctors and medical researchers.

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) (http://www.epnet.com/ehost/login.html) Citations to nearly 1,000 nursing journals. The place to look for articles in scholarly nursing journals.  Very few full-text entries. Indexing begins in 1982.

The following works are in the Galveston College Library:



 Advanced medical life support  RC 86.7 .A343 1999
 Aehlert's EMT-basic study guide  RC 86.92 .A35 1998
 AMA Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care  RC 86.8 .A426 2000
 Basic trauma life support: for paramedics and other
 advanced provider
 RC 86.7 .C34 2000
 Brady emergency care  RC 86.7 .B68 1998
 BTLS: basic trauma life support for the EMT-B and
 first responder
 RC 86.7 .C342 2000
 Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations of Normal
 and Pathologic Anatomy
 REF RB 33 .C56 V.1-8 
 Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary  REF R 121 .D73 2003
 Communicable Diseases and
 Infection Control for EMS
 RC 965 .E48 N55 2000
 Electrocardiogram interpretation and
 emergency intervention
 RC 683.5 .E5 F28 1991
 Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick
 and Injured, 7th ed.
 RC 86.7 .A43 1999
 Emergency encounters: EMTs and their work  RA 995.5 .A1 M37 1991
 Emergency Medical Services Sourcebook  REF RA 645.5 .E493 2002
 Emergency Medicine: comprehensive
 study guide, 5th ed
 RC 86.7 .E586 2000
 Emergency Medicine Secrets, 2nd ed  RC 86.9 .M37 1999
 Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum, 5th ed  REF RT 120 .E4 E45 2000
 Emergency nursing procedures  RT 120 .E4 A285 1999
 Emergency nursing: an essential guide for
 patient care
 RT 120 .E4 S43 1997
 Emergency Pediatrics  RJ 370 .E44 2003
 EMT-basic certification exam  RC 86.9 .S3 2001
 EMT manual  REF RC 86 .C66 1998
 Expert rapid response Mosby-Year Book.  RT 120 .E4 E97 1999
 Firefighter's Handbook: Fundamentals of firefighting
 & emergency response
 REF TH 9151 .F49 2000
 First responder  RC 86.7 .K365 2003
 Gray's Anatomy, 36th ed.  REF QM 23.2 .G73 1986
 Managing Stress in Emergency Medical Services  RA 645.5 .S43 2000
 Manual of Emergency Care, 5th ed.  RC 86.8 .S54 1999
 Medic life: creating success in EMS  RA 645.5 .B43 1995
 Merck Manual, 17th ed.  REF RC 55 .M4 1999
 Miller-Keane Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Medicine,
 Nursing & Allied Health, 6th ed.
 REF R121 .M65 1997
 Paramedic:  Pearls of Wisdom  RC 86.9 .H3 2000
 Paramedic Review  RC 86.9 .E43 2002
 Pocket Atlas of emergency medicine  REF RC86.7 .K66 2000
 Prehospital drug therapy  RM 301 .G65 1994
 Principles of Patient Assessment in EMS  RC 86.7 .E435 2003
 Quality management in prehospital care  RA 645.5 .Q36 1993
 Quick Reference to Critical Care  REF RC 86.8 .D54 2004
 Safe & sound: how to prevent and treat the
 most common childhood emergencies
 RJ 370 .B67 1997
 Seizures and convulsions in infants,children,
 and adolescents
 RJ 496 .E6 G3713 1994
 Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th ed.  REF R 121 .S8 2000
 Trauma nursing: the art and science  RD 93.95 .N44 1992
 When violence erupts: a survival guide for
 emergency responders
 REF RC 86.7 .K73 1990

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