Level-One Certificate Program (7103)

This program is designed to prepare students for a career in emergency medical services. Students completing the Paramedic Certificate Program may apply for Paramedic Certification. The program is accredited/approved through the Commission on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (COAEMSP).

Program Outcomes

  1. Provide care for the emergency patient in the pre-hospital setting.
  2. Work as a team with other EMS care providers in the pre-hospital setting.
  3. Use critical thinking and decision-making skills to determine the healthcare needs of the pre-hospital patient.
  4. Plan treatment to include prevention and initial care procedures to promote and maintain the healthcare needs in an emergency situation.
  5. Place the patient’s welfare, comfort, and privacy first when planning and implementing initial care.

 Mission Statement

In keeping with the mission of Galveston College, it is the goal of the program faculty and staff to produce graduates who complete Paramedic certification, who pass NREMT certification exam on the first attempt, who are able to enter the job market as entry level paramedics, who demonstrate empathy and compassion for their patients, and graduates who are committed to life-long learning.

Admission Requirements

All prospective candidates who wish to be admitted to the Emergency Medical Services Certificate Program must contact the Program Director at (409) 944-1494 or email at rprue@gc.edu.                          .

Applicants must: 

1.  Complete the requirements for admission to the College. Admission to the
     College does not guarantee admission to the Program. 

  • Requirements for the College include:
  • TSI scores for TSI-eligible students or placement scores for TSI-exempt students which permit enrollment in college level courses. Official TSI scores must appear on a transcript to be sent directly to Galveston College from the test company on an official test score report form.

2.  Initiate the Program Checklist with the program director.

3.  Continue the Program Checklist Process and Complete Program Degree Plan 
     with the program director.

  • Degree Plan must show evidence of:

a.       Achieve a grade of “C” or better in Math 0303 Introductory Algebra or
          a passing placement test score within five years of acceptance into
          the Program. 

b.       An overall GPA of 2.0. A grade of “C” or better is required in the
          general education courses. Math and Science courses must be
          completed within five years of acceptance into the Program.

c.        Successful completion of EMS Basic program.

d.       File a copy of current EMT-B certification in EMS office.

  1. Submit Program Application to the Program Director.
  • Program Applications are accepted until the start of semester. Applications that are submitted after the deadline will be reviewed at the discretion of the Selection Committee. Due to limited enrollment, we cannot accept every applicant. Applicants not admitted to the program must re-apply each year. Successful applicants will be notified by mail of acceptance to the program.
  • Complete the following prior to enrollment:

a.       A physical examination.

b.       TB skin test within six months of starting the program.

c.        Immunization series; including the Hepatitis B immunization series
          including titer or show proof of illness. To be eligible to apply to the
          Program, student must show proof that the immunization process
          has been started. The process needs to be completed by the start of
          the program. (This process takes seven months to complete).

d.       Students must be certified in American Heart Healthcare CPR upon
          entry and maintain certification throughout their course of study.

e.       Complete a background check through the College at students cost
          upon acceptance to the Program.

f.        Complete a clear drug screening test at students cost as directed by
          the Program.

g.       Potential students must complete an interview or meet with the
          Program Director upon request.

h.       Attend Mandatory Orientation.

Transfer Policy:

Course work from another program will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Program Coordinator.  A grade of “C” or better is required on all transferred prerequisite, general education and program specific courses.  Transfer students from another program will be admitted on a space-available basis.

Transfer students must:

  1. Complete admission requirements to Galveston College as well as the Program admission criteria.
  2. Submit course syllabi for review, if requested by program coordinator.
  3. Agree to a complete a disclosure of information form.


First Semester
EMSP 1501 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic 5
EMSP 1260 Clinical (Basic) 2
EMSP 1291 Special Topics (Emergency Medical Technology) 2
BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
HPRS 1206 Essentials of Medical Terminology 2
Second Semester
EMSP 1338 Introduction to Advanced Practice 3
EMSP 1356 Patient Assessment and Airway Management 3
EMSP 1355 Trauma Management 3
EMSP 1362 Clinical (Advanced EMT) 3
Third Semester
EMSP 2348 Emergency Pharmacology 3
EMSP 2338 Emergency Medical Services Operations 3
EMSP 2260 Clinical I (Paramedic) 2
Fourth Semester
EMSP 2544 Cardiology 5
EMSP 2434 Medical Emergencies 4
EMSP 2261 Clinical II (Paramedic) 2
Fifth Semester
EMSP 2143 Assessment Based Management* 1
EMSP 2430 Special Populations 4
EMSP 2262 Clinical III (Paramedic) 2



 Upon completion of EMS Paramedic courses student is eligible to take the national registry EMT Paramedic certificate test.

+MATH 0303 Introductory Algebra is a requirement to be met for admission to the program by placement or course completion.
*Identifies capstone experience (TP) Identifies Tech Prep courses



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