Availability Notifications

Scheduled Downtime:

To ensure maximum performance of Galveston College systems and to prevent future system failures, it is necessary for the Information Technology Department to periodically take systems and servers down for maintenance. The scheduled maintenance period for Galveston College systems is every Sunday, between 08:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

If scheduled maintenance is required, notifications will be posted in advance. Every effort will be made to ensure that scheduled downtimes occur only during posted times.  Extended downtimes, outside of scheduled maintenance hours, may be necessary on rare occasions and will be announced in advance.

Scheduled downtimes will be sent to Faculty and Staff via email.  Student notifications will be posted on the Whitecaps Portal.

Unscheduled Downtime:

Extraordinary circumstances can cause unexpected and unscheduled downtime. In the event of an unscheduled interruption in service, information and updates will be emailed to Faculty and Staff and posted on the Whitecaps Portal for student awareness.

 Emergency Notifications:

Students, Faculty, and Staff will be notified of Emergency Situations via the College's automated phone contact system, sponsored by ConnectED.  Please ensure that your contact information, including Preferred Phone Number, is up to date.  You may update your information on the Whitecaps Portal, under Self Services, User Account, and Address Change.  Updates will be posted to home page of the Galveston College website.  Information on Emergency College closings may be found by dialing (866) 483-4242.

Updated 6/30/2015 - Content Author kklimpt