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Five Fabulous Chefs Encore! 

Le Beau Printemps 2015


Top Row:  (Left to Right) Chef Ross Warhol of The Pelican Club and Chef Casey Gaido of Gaido’s  Restaurant; Chefs Paco and Denise Vargas of Rudy & Paco’s Restaurant & Bar

Bottom Row: (Left to Right) Chef Felipe Gonzalez of “The Steakhouse” At The San Luis Resort, Spa and Conference Center; Chef Robbin Murphy Of Moody Gardens Hotel-Spa and Convention Center; and, Chef Elizabeth Peraza of Olympia The Grill At Pier 21.

Galveston College Foundation is delighted to announce Five Fabulous Chefs Encore! Le Beau Printemps 2015. Proceeds from two evenings of culinary delight, Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., continue to help endow the Acclaimed Universal Access Program endowment which ensures that all local eligible Galveston high school graduates will receive tuition for a 60 hour associate degree at Galveston College.

For a second year, the restaurateurs are the major underwriters for two beautiful springtime epicurean evenings. The reception will be held in the college’s David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library in Regents’ Hall and The Splendid Five-Course Dinner in the Atrium located in the Mary Moody Northen building.

The Magnanimous Five Fabulous Chefs are Gaido’s; Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, and Conference Center; Olympia the Grill at Pier 21; the San Luis Resort Spa and Conference Center; and Rudy and Paco’s Restaurant & Bar.  Each restaurateur is part of an elegant spring meal featuring hors d’oeuvres from each of their superb kitchens plus a five- course dinner of soup, salad, two entrees seafood and beef, and a “Piece De Resistance” pastry dessert!

Each highly regarded restaurant is renowned for their markedly different cuisines which have consistently won awards throughout the industry for “Dernier Cri” or the latest innovation. In 2014, these fine dining restaurants stepped up Galveston’s game by presenting the progressive American farm to table movement. Progressive American focuses on locally sourced ingredients from small farms within a region or area.

In addition to support for the Foundation, the event highlights the education and skill necessary to become a professional in a contemporary culinary setting.

The executive chefs have generously offered to supply staff to help train Galveston College Culinary Arts program students selected by Chef Paul Mendoza, director.  The students, under direction of the executive chefs, will also serve both evenings from the G.C. laboratory kitchen in the Mary Moody Northen atrium area.

For more information, please call Maria Tripovich, Director, Office of Development and the Galveston College Foundation at (409) 944-1303. 


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The Office of Development and the Galveston College Foundation exist to support and enhance the ability of Galveston College to achieve its mission of advancing people’s lives through lifelong learning.

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  • Almost 73% of Galveston College students attend part-time.
  • 38.2% of Galveston College students are enrolled in technical programs.
  • 41.6% of Galveston College students receive Pell-grants.
  • 43.8% of Galveston College faculty are full-time (vs. 39% state average).
  • According to the 2014 Almanac, Galveston College ranked 2nd in each of the three Texas Success Initiative (TSI) subject areas when compared to all other two-year public institutions. 


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Galveston College Foundation

In 1996, the Galveston College Foundation formed a separate community based non-profit, an IRS 501 (c) 3, in large part, to establish the Universal Access program which was designed to reduce local high school drop-out rates by providing college tuition and fee payments for local high school graduates regardless of income level. The generosity of local businesses, individuals, and area foundations established an endowment of 3.1 million combined with federal assistance permits Galveston College to offer an unparalleled tuition assistance program for the well to do and underserved. Please see the Universal Access Guidelines and Foundation links. Consider a gift to Universal Access and click Donate Now.

GC Alumni 50th Anniversary Planning

The Office of Development and Galveston College Foundation in collaboration with senior administration and volunteer leadership seeks to grow an alumni association, an activities calendar for GC’s Golden Anniversary in 2016-17, pursue a grants calendar for bricks and mortar projects, and assure scholarship opportunities for deserving students.


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