Technical Support for Angel 8.0 Learning Management System

Students who are enrolled in distance education classes that use Angel should carefully read the document, "Distance Learning: A Guide for Students," before class starts. The handbook addresses many of the fundamentals about working and learning in the Angel environment.
For technical problems not related to Angel, please contact the GC Help Desk at (409) 944-1352.
ANGEL supports most mobile devices, however, each mobile device, each manufacturer, and each carrier having different versions of mobile OSs and browsers, it is not feasible to keep pace with the testing it would require ANGEL to support. Additionally, most mobile devices do not support Java natively.  There are Java virtual machines that can be purchased for mobile devices, but most users do not have a Java VM installed.
The PDA mode was designed as a way to strip the CSS elements from a page to make viewing available in a simpler format.  If you do want to try to use ANGEL on an actual PDA, it would work best if the PDA can download and install Firefox 2.x or Firefox 3.x, or IE9 or higher.
ANGEL 8.0 generally functions well in many browsers, the following are supported and tested:
•          With PCs running Windows OS: Internet Explorer version 8, Firefox and Google Chrome
•          With Macs running OS X: Firefox
When troubleshooting an issue, it is best for the users to upgrade their browsers to the most current versions to help alleviate some problems.
If the student handbook does not answer your questions please feel free to contact Patricia Reyes at (409) 944-1324 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Patricia will attempt to respond within 24 hours, except on the weekends.
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