Students registering for distance learning classes should follow the same policies and procedures as for on-site Galveston College course registration. Distance learners are advised to carefully review the current "Schedule of Classes" and note the dates and times for course-specific and general distance learning orientation sessions.

spring 2013 Registration Dates & times

  • Early Registration*:
    November 12 -8AM-7PM Monday-Tuesday
    December 14- 8AM-5PM Wednesday-Friday
    *For Early Registration, payment must be made by 12PM (noon) on December 14 2012 to avoid being dropped from class

  • General Registration**:
    December 17-18   8AM-5PM Monday-Tuesday
    January 3             8AM-5PM Thursday

    January 7-            8AM-7PM Monday-Thursday
    January 12           8AM-5PM Friday
                              9AM-2PM Saturday

  • Late registration**:
    January 14-15 2013 8AM-7PM Monday-Tuesday

  • ** For General and Late Registration, payment must be made
    on the day you register to avoid being dropped from classes.


There are two (2) steps that you must complete in order to be officially enrolled in an VCT course: (1) Reservation and (2) Registration.
Reservations: Contact Felipe Payán or 409-944-1324 to request a seat reservation in the class. The Distance Education Department will check to ensure that the class in which you are interested is available thIf a student desires to take a course at another VCT institution, the student must have approval from the Vice President of Instruction.
Registration: Once the student have approval and/or a VCT reservation for the desired course, The Distance Education Office will registrater the student in the GC registration system.  Please note, if the student decides to drop the course, the student is required to contact both the GC Admission's Office and the Distance Education Office to fully withdraw from the VCT course.


All new students must complete an admissions application and be accepted to Galveston College before they may register for classes. To begin the admissions process, click on the Admissions link below:
Financial Aid
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