The Hospitality Industry consists of the hotels/lodgings and restaurant/food service sectors. If you enjoy meeting lots of different people or working in an environment that is as different every day as the people coming through your establishment, you may want to consider a career in the Hospitality Industry. The range of opportunities and the locations of workplaces are enormous. The diverse range of activities offered by this industry provides excellent job opportunities for people with varied skills and educational backgrounds. Jobs will be plentiful for first-time job seekers, senior citizens, and those seeking part-time or alternative work schedules. The Hospitality industry is growing rapidly, which means there are many great career opportunities in the years ahead!
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Galveston College’s Culinary/Hospitality Management Certificate is ideal for people who do not have a formal culinary arts education, but who already have experience cooking in the food service industry. It provides management skills that should assist someone who is seeking to advance their position in the food service/hospitality job market. The eight management classes in this certificate meet the requirement for the Professional Management Development Program of the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association.


Culinary  Institute

Hospitality Institute


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