Culinary Arts Bibliography


Kitchen Link-What's Cooking on the Net ( Comprehensive, searchable site of 9400 + food sites, guides to cookbooks, dieting, food industry, culinary careers and more.

Epicurious Food  (  Excellent food site, searchable database of over 11,000 recipes, how to serve and eat everything, online editions of Bon Appetit and Gourmet.

National Restaurant Association ( trade association site provides information about the restaurant industry, training and certification programs, industry forecast and trends.

Food Lover's Glossary ( An A to Z browsing dictionary for foodies.

Cook's Thesaurus (  a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools.  Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.

Nutritional Analysis Tool 2.0 ( Nutritional information on almost any food item.

The following works are in the Galveston College Library:

 Hospitality Industry  Profession/Techniques
 Reference/History  Cookbooks



 Call Number

 The banquet business, 3rd ed.  TX 943 .S35 2001
 Conducting a feasibility study for a new restaurant  TX 911.3 .M27 C6
 Consumer expectations with regard to dining at
 atmosphere restaurants
 TX 911.3 .M27 C62
 Consumer expectations with regard to dining at
 family restaurants
 TX 911.3 .M27 C63
 Consumer expectations with regard to dining at
 fast food restaurants
 TX 911.3 .M27 C61
 Dining by design: Interior design's handbook of
 dining & restaurant
 NK 2195 .R4 C63 1984
 Food and beverage management:
 student manual
 TX 911.3 .M27 N55 1990
 Fundamentals of hospitality marketing  TX 911.3 .M3 M3 2000
 Hospitality facilities management and design  TX 928 .S75 1992
 Hospitality human resources management:
 student manual
 TX 911.3 .P4 T36
 How to open and operate a restaurant:
 a step-by-step guide
 TX 911.3 .M27 P47
 Introduction to hotel and restaurant management  TX 911.3 .M27 I57 1984
 Maintenance and engineering for lodging and
 foodservice facilities
 TX 928 .B57
 Management of food and beverage
 TX 911.3 .M27 N55 1990
 Planning and control for food and
 beverage operations
 TX 911.3 .M27 N56 1991
 Planning and operating a successful food
 service operation
 TX 945 .K27
 Principles of food sanitation  TX 911.3 .S3 M36 1985
 Professional dining room management  TX 911.3 .M27 K56 1988
 Resorts: Management and Operation  TX 911.3 .M27 M538 2001
 Restaurant architecture and design:
 an international survey of eating
 NA 7855 .F413
 Restaurant graphics: from matchbooks to menus  NK 2195 .R4 R47 1993
 Restaurant management guide  TX 911.3 .M27 G667 1985
 Sanitation management: strategies for success  TX 911.3 .S3 C53 1984
 Supervision and management of quantity
 food preparation : principles
 TX 943 .M67
 Turn your kitchen into a gold mine  TX 911.3 .M27 H78
 Welcome to hospitality: an introduction  TX 911 .C53 1995

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 Call Number

 Advanced practical cookery  TX 661 .C4 1995
 Becoming a chef: with recipes and reflections
 from America's leading
 TX 911.3 .V62 D67 1995
 The book of garnishes  TX 652 .B78 1986
 The book of grilling & barbecuing  TX 840 .B3 N665 1988
 Chinese cooking: step-by-step techniques  TX 724.5 .C5 M35 1984
 Classic French cooking,Claiborne, Craig.  TX 719 .C46
 Classical and contemporary Italian cooking
 for professionals
 TX 723 .E44 1990
 The creative art of garnishing  TX 740.5 .S7 1990
 Fish: the complete guide to buying and cooking  TX 747 .B47 1994
 Food: presentation & display  TX 740.5 .F66 1991
 Food for fifty  TX 820 .S45 1985
 Food preparation for hotels, restaurants,
 and cafeterias
 TX 820 .H35
 Hows and whys of French cooking  TX 719 .L32
 If you can stand the heat: tales from chefs &
 TX 649 .A1 D38 1999
 James Beard's theory & practice of good cooking  TX 651 .B37 1999
 The making of a chef: mastering heat at the
 Culinary Institute of America
 TX 649 .R8 A3 1997
 Menu Planning & Merchandising  TX 911.3 .M45 H838 1991
 Menu design: merchandising and marketing  TX 945 .S37 1973
 Menu pricing & strategy  TX 911.3 .P7 M55 1987
 On cooking: a textbook of culinary fundamentals  TX 651 .L32 1999
 The professional chef's art of garde manger  TX 820 .S64 1992 
 The professional chef's book of charcuterie:
 pates, terrines, timbale
 TX 749 .M92 1987
 The Professional chef's techniques of
 healthy cooking
 REF TX 820 .P75 1993
 Super-easy step-by-step cheesemaking  TX 749 .T26
 Superchefs: signature recipes from
 America's new royalty
 TX 715 .Z2797 1996
 Women of taste: recipes and profiles of
 famous women chefs
 TX 715 .W882133 1997

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 Call Number

 Better homes and gardens
 encyclopedia of cooking
TX 349 .B44 1973 
 Cambridge World History of Food V I & II  REF TX 353 .C255 2000
 Chef's book of formulas, yields, and sizes  REF TX 820 .S355 1990
 The cook's dictionary and culinary reference  REF TX 349 .B355 1996
 Cooking for fifty: the complete
 reference and cookbook
 TX 820 .H56 1993
 The dictionary of American food and drink  REF TX 349 .M26 1983
 Eating in America: a history  TX 353 .R64
 The encyclopedia of fish cookery  TX 747 .M213
 Food in antiquity: a survey of the diet of
 early peoples
 GT 2860 .B7 1969b
 Food in history  GT 2850 .T34 1989
 The Horizon cookbook and illustrated history of
 eating and drinking
 TX 631 .H3
 The visual food encyclopedia  REF TX 349 .E48 1996
 Webster's new world dictionary of culinary arts  REF TX 349 .L33 2001

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Cookbooks --A representative selection of cookbooks available in the library.


 Call Number

 The Africa cookbook: tastes of a continent  TX 725 .A1 H284 1998
 The alpha and omega of Greek cooking  TX 723.5 .G8 K66
 The American heritage book of fish cookery  TX 747 .H68
 The Arabian delights cookbook:
 Mediterranean cuisines
 TX 725 .A7 W453 1994
 The art of Hungarian cooking  TX 725 .B44
 The Art of Irish cooking  TX 717.5 .S52
 The art of Syrian cookery  TX 725 .C719
 The best of Thailand: a cookbook  TX 724.5 .T5 R54 1993
 Brown Sugar  TX 773 .W488 2003
 Callaloo, Calypso, and carnival:
 the cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago
 TX 716 .T7 D49 1993
 Caribbean and African cooking  TX 716 .A1 G74 1998
 The chile pepper book: a fiesta of fiery,
 flavorful recipes
 TX 803 .P46 D55 1994
 Chinese menus  TX 724.5 .C5 C56144 1983
 Chocolate cooking  TX 767 .C5 J37
 The complete book of Turkish cooking  TX 723.4 .T94 A394 1985
 The complete spice book  TX 819 .A1 S884 1999
 Complete vegetarian cookbook  TX 801 .H87
 The Cook's illustrated complete book of poultry  TX 750 .C68 1999
 Cooking Around the World For Dummies  TX 725 .A1 C5759 2003
 The cooking of India  TX 724.5 .I4 R3
 The Cooking of Japan  TX 724.5 .J3 S7
 The cooking of Scandinavia  TX 722 .A1 B7
 The cooking of Spain and Portugal  TX 723.5 .S7 F4
 The cooking of Vienna's empire  TX 721 .W4
 The Cooking the British Isles  TX 717 .B35
 Cooking the Czech way  TX 723.5 .C9 B75
 Crazy for Casseroles  TX 693 .V53 2003
 Cuisine of the Americas  TX 716 .A1 K63
 Essentials of Asian Cuisine  TX 724.5 .A1 T73 2003
 Everyday Asian  TX 724.5 .A1 H45 2003
 The exotic kitchens of Malaysia  TX 724.5 .M4 M36 1997
 Filipino cuisine: recipes from the islands  TX 724.5 .P5 G45 1997
 A first book of Japanese cooking  TX 724.5 .J3 Y2764 1984
 Fish and shellfish cookbook  TX 747 .S78
 The flavor of the South: delicacies and staples
 of Southern cuisine
 TX 715 .V774
 Flavors of Hungary: [recipes and memoirs]  TX 723.5 .H8 B5
 Food markets of the world  TX 725 .A1 S442 1997
 Foods of the Maya: a taste of the Yucatan  TX 716 .Y83 G47 1994
 The foods of Vietnam  TX 724.5 .V5 R68 1989
 Fruits in cooking: a selection of unusual and
 classic fruit recipes
 TX 811 .A25
 The great book of couscous: classic cuisines of
 Morocco, Algeria
 TX 725 .M8 M37 1994
 Latin American cooking  TX 716 .A1 L45
 The Mandarin way  DS 721 .C48127 1974
 Manna: foods of the frontier  TX 715 .H3143
 Middle Eastern cooking  TX 725 .N36 N5
 Pates & terrines  TX 749 .G88313 1984
 Philippine recipes made easy  TX 724.5 .P5 N67 1993
 Portuguese cooking: the authentic and robust
 cuisine of Portugal
 TX 723.5 .P7 R63 1993
 A primer for pickles: a reader for relishes  TX 805 .G87
 Professional Pastry Chef  TX 773 F75 2002
 Real Stew  TX 693 .W75 2002
 Regina’s International Vegetarian Favorites  TX 837 .C326 2003
 Russian cooking  TX 723.3 .P3
 Salad and vegetable cooking  TX 807 .S28 S79 1979
 Salsa lovers cook book  TX 819 .S29 B65 1993
 The sea cook  TX 840 .M7 T68
 Sushi  TX 747 .Y65 1998
 Tapas: the little dishes of Spain  TX 740 .C314 1985
 A taste of Lebanon  TX 725 .L4 S25 1992
 Tasting Brazil: regional recipes and
 TX 716 .B6 H37 1992
 Three generations of Chilean cuisine  TX 716 .C5 U45 1996
 Under the golden pagoda: the best of Burmese
 TX 724.5 .B93 T35 1993
 Vegetables  TX 801 .P49 1998
 White chocolate  TX 767 .W48 H46 1989
 Wild about game: 150 recipes for cooking farm-
 raised and wild game
 TX 751 .H54 1998
 A world of curries: from Bombay to Bangkok  TX 819 .C9 D49 1994
 The world of Jewish cooking  TX 714 .M3195 1996

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