Weather/Emergency Information

Students, faculty and staff may call the Galveston College Emergency Status number at 1-866-483-4242 in the case of inclement weather or other emergencies.


Galveston College has implemented a mass communication system — Connect-ED. Connect-ED is designed to quickly communicate important messages to students, faculty and staff during emergency situations.

For the system to serve and protect our campus, all contact information (phone numbers and addresses) must be current 
in to the Whitecaps Portal (for students) or ADP (for employees).

To update your information using your Whitecaps Portal,
Select the "Self-Service Menu" Tab,
Click on "Student", then select "User Account" then,
Click on "Address Change" and update your address and phone number(s). 

Please ensure your contact and emergency information is correct in ADP.
*Your information MUST be correct to receive ALL College emergency notifications*

Log in to ADP at , select the “Myself” tab, then “Personal Profile”.  
Edit your contact information by clicking on the pencil icon on the screen. 

In the event of an emergency, Connect-ED provides the technology to immediately send important information by e-mail, phone messages, and/or text messages (optional). Students, faculty and staff will be notified of school closings or emergencies within a matter of minutes.

Updated 6/17/2015 - Content Author sojeda