Chemistry Bibliography


American Chemical Society Publications  Full-text database of several chemistry journals such as The Journal of Chemical Education

The following works are in the Galveston College Library:




 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry  QD 151.2 .C68 1999
 Chemistry  QD 31.2 .N49  1999
 Chemistry: An Introduction  QD 31.3 .J55 2003
 Chemistry :An Introdution to General,Organic,
 and Biological Chemistry
 QD 31.2 .T55 1996
 Chemistry for the Health Sciences  QD 33 .S13  1998
 Chemistry for Today : General,Organic,
 and Biochemistry
 QD 31.2  .S4115 2000

 Chemistry In Action : The Molecules
 of Everyday Life

 QD 33 .M79  1995
 Chemistry Today Tomorrow : The Central,
 Useful, and Creative Science
 QD 31.2 B75  1997
 College Chemistry  REF QD 33.2 .H45 2004
 Fun With Chemistry  QD 31 .F889 1998
 Fundamentals of General, and
 Biological Chemistry
 QD 31.2 .M3877 1996
 Fundamentals of Organic
  QD 251.3 .M36 2003
 General Chemistry
 REF QD 33.2 .C48 2003
 Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  REF QD 65 .H3 2003
 Introduction to Chemistry  QD 31.2  .D53  2000
 Introduction to Chemistry  QD 31.2  .D53 1995
 Introductory Chemistry : Investigating the
 Molecular Nature of Matter
 QD 31.2 .S468 1997
 Organic Chemistry
 QD 251.3 .F69 2004


BioChemLinks is a guide to the best biology and chemistry education resources on the web.
Links for Chemists has links to 7,500 chemistry sites on the Internet.  A keyword search capablility is provided (e.g. a search for fullerene yielded five links). 
Organic Chemistry Help intended solely as an instructional aid. Tutorials, practice tests, study tips and links to other chemistry sites.
Periodical Table of the Elements This web-based periodical table contains general characteristics, energies, oxidation and  electrons, appearance and characteristics, reactions, radius, conductivity, and abundance data.

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