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Environmental Careers Organization – Main programs include paid environmental internships, career conferences, and career publications.

Science Careers – Science Careers offers Biology Jobs, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Jobs, Postdoctoral Positions and Cancer Research Jobs.  

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-05 Edition - A classic reference about occupations from A to Z. Compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Health Occupations Students of America - Member services, advisor services, and publications. Also includes an online magazine and chat room.

MedlinePlus: Health Occupations, Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations (America’s Career InfoNet) …Information from the Medical Encyclopedia; Health Occupations …

Career Journal: Career Opportunities – The Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal is the best place …The Wall Street Journal Guide to Business Schools 

Jobs, Careers, Education – Since 1955, a job search, career evaluation, career education, small office, resource center. Over 8,000 links to careers, jobs, job search preparation, …

Careers – in – Business - Information on key careers in business such as investment banking, consulting, and marketing…

Career Opportunities - Careers, Advice, Information & More at Monster – Get Started Now!

The Following Works are in the Galveston College Library

 America’s Top Jobs  HD 5724 .F26 2003
 Best Jobs for the 21st Century 2nd Ed.  REF HF 5381.15 .F37 2001
 201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview  HF 5549.5 .I6 K3 2002
 The Big Book of Jobs 2000-2001 Ed.  REF HF 5382.5 .U5 B53 2001
 The Book of US Government Jobs 7th Ed.  JK 716 .D36 2000
 Careers in Criminology  HV 9950 .M674 2000
 Career Information Center 8th Ed. V.1-13  REF HF 5382.5 .U5 C32 2002
 Career Opportunities in Health Care 2nd Ed.  R 690 .F94 2002
 Career Success is Color-Blind 2nd Ed.  HF 5381 .S774 2000
 Changing Careers for Dummies  HF 5384 .M39 2001
 The College Blue Book 32nd Ed.  REF LA 226 .C685 2005 V.1-6
 College Degrees by Mail & Internet 2000 Ed.  REF L 901 .C65 2000
 Colleges with Programs for Students
 with Learning Disabilities or Attention
 Deficit Disorders 6th Ed.
 REF L 901 .C8117 2000
 The Complete Guide to Finding
 the Hottest Internet Jobs!
 REF HD 9696.8 .U52 E45 1997
 The Correctional Officer: A Practical Guide  HV 9471 .C6675 2001
 Cover Letters that Knock ‘em Dead 5th Ed.  HF 5383 .Y378 2003
 Directory of Financial Aids
 for Women 2001-2003
 REF LB 2338 .D564 2001
 Electronic Resumes & Online
 Networking 2nd Ed.
 HF 5383 .S634 2000
 EMT Career Starter 2nd Ed.  RA 645.5 .H36 2001
 Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational
 Guidance 12th Ed. V.1-3
 REF HF 5381 .E52 2003
 Expert Resumes for Teachers and Educators  LB 1780 .E64 2002
 Exploring Health Care Careers 2nd Ed.  REF R 690 .E97 2002 V.1-2
 Exploring Tech Careers  REF T 65.3 .E95 2001 V.1-2
 Ferguson’s Careers in Focus: Food  TX 911.2 .C73 C37 2001
 Financial Aid for
 African Americans 2003-2005
 REF LB 2338 .S3453 2003
 Financial Aid for
 Asian Americans 2001-2003
 REF LB 2338 .S3452 2001
 Financial Aid for the
 Disabled and Their Families 2002-04
 REF LB 2337.2 .F58 2002
 Financial Aid for
 Hispanic Americans 2001-2003
 REF LB 2338 .S3455 2001

 Financial Aid for
 Hispanic Americans 2003-2005

 REF LB 2338 .S3455 2003
 Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel,
 and Their Dependents 2002-04
 REF LB 2337.2 .S36 2002
 Firefighter Career Starter 2nd Ed.  TH 9119 .M37 2001
 Fiske Guide to Colleges 21st Ed.  REF LA 226 .F542 2005
 Free $ for College for Dummies  LB 2337.4 .R65 2003
 2002 Funding for Persons with
 Visual Impairments: Large Print Ed.
 REF LB 2337.2 .F855 2002
 Gallery of Best Resumes for People
 without a Four-Year Degree 2nd Ed.
 HF 5383 .N622 2000
 Getting Interviews  HF 5549.5 .I6 W457 2000
 150 Great Tech Prep Careers  REF LC 1045 .A16 2001
 Guide to America’s Federal Jobs 2nd Ed.  JK 692 .G85 2001
 Health - Care Careers for the 21st Century  REF R 690 .W565 2000
 Health Professions: Career and
 Education Directory 30th Ed. 2002-03
 REF R 847 .D57 2002
 Houston Business Journal
 *The 2003 Book of List* V.33 No.53
 REF HC 108.H8 H78 2003
 How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae  HF 5383 .J24 2003
 The Insider’s Guide to the
 Colleges 2004 30th Ed.
 REF L 901 .I54 2004
 The Insider’s Guide to the
 Colleges 2005 31st Ed.
 REF L 901 .I54 2005
 International Job Finder  HF 5549.5 .E45 L38 2002
 The Internship Bible  REF LC 1072 .I58 O43 2002
 Job Search Handbook for
 People with Disabilities
 HV 1568.5 .R83 2000
 Knock ‘em Dead 2003  HF 5549.5 .I6 Y37 2003
 The Latino Student’s Guide to College  LC 2670.6 .H57 2002
 A Manager’s Guide to Hiring
 the Best Person for Every Job
 HF 5549.5 .I6 R674 2000
 The Music Industry 4th Ed.  ML 3795 .F497 2000
 Nursing Programs 8th Ed.  REF RT 79 .P48 2003
 Occupational Outlook
 Handbook 02-03 Ed.
 REF HF 5382.5 .U5 O15 2002 C.2
 Opportunities in Computer Careers  QA 76.25 .B85 2002
 Opportunities in Nursing Assistant Careers  RT 82 .F66 2003
 Opportunities in Physical Therapy Careers  RM 705 .K78 2000
 Outdoor Careers 2nd Ed.  HF 5381 .S542 2000
 Pathways to Career Success for Minorities  REF LC 3727 .P27 2000
 Peterson’s Four-Year Colleges 2005  REF L 901 .P37 2005
 Peterson’s Two-Year Colleges 2005  REF 901 .P448 2005
 The Professional Secretary 2nd Ed.  HF 5547.5 .S724 2000
 Real People Working in
 Mechanics, Installation, and Repair
 TJ 157 .C36 2000
 The Quick Resume & Cover
 Letter Book 2nd Ed.
 HF 5383 .F32 2000
 Resumes for the 50+ Job Hunter 2nd Ed.  HF 5383 .R453 2003
 Resumes that Get Jobs 10th Ed.  HF 5383 .R47 2002
 RSP Funding for Nursing Students
 and Nurses 2002-04
 REF RT 79 .R77 2002
 Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans  REF LB 2338 .S35 2004
 The Top 100: The Fastest Growing
 Careers for the 21st Century 3rd Ed.
 REF HF 5382 .T59 2001
 The Ultimate Job Book  HF 5383 .E95 2002
 What Color is Your Parachute?  HF 5383 .B56 2003
 The World of Learning 2001 51st Ed.  REF L 900 .W927 2001

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