Breast Imaging / Mammography

Certificate Program (5301)

Breast Imaging/Mammography is a post-associate degree certificate program presented by Galveston College.

Mammography is a branch of radiology that employs specialized x-ray equipment to produce images of the breast which aid the radiologist in diagnosing breast cancer and other pathologies. The mammographer works closely with patients to provide instruction and ensure quality care while performing various specialized breast-imaging studies.

In order to produce quality images, the mammographer must be able to communicate and work effectively with patients and health professionals, operate sophisticated equipment, observe radiation protection measures, and participate in quality assurance measures.

Depending on a number of factors, including geographic location, duties of employment and their own personal qualities, mammographers can reasonably expect entry-level salaries ranging from $41,000 to $46,000 per year.

All prospective candidates who wish to be admitted to the Breast Imaging/Mammography program should contact the Allied Health Advisor.

Application to the Breast Imaging/ Mammography program requires the filing of a degree plan with the Allied Health Advisor which shows evidence of:

  1. Have an overall 2.5 G.P.A.
  2. Be a graduate of an accredited radiologic health sciences program.
  3. Be a registered technologist by the start of the program.
  4. File a copy of current Texas Department of Health (if applicable) and ARRT certificate in the Admissions Office and in the Allied Health Office.
  5. Complete Galveston College admission requirements.
  6. Complete Hepatitis B vaccination series or proof of illness including the titer by the start of the program. (This process takes approximately seven months to complete.)
  7. Complete Varicella vaccination (Chicken pox) or proof of illness by the start of the program.
  8. Complete a background check through the College at students cost upon acceptance to the program.



The program is offered in the fall and spring semester and can be completed in 11-13 weeks of full-time study. In an effort to offer an educational opportunity for employed registered technologists, this program will be offered in a non-traditional format.

Classroom instruction will be conducted at Galveston College, clinical training will be conducted at hospitals and a number of affiliated health care institutions. Clinical schedule can be flexible. Clinic portion of the program will begin at the end of the class room instruction.

Upon completion of requirements, the student receives a certificate of completion from Galveston College.

Course Information
MAMT 2233 Anatomy/Positioning & Patient Assessment 2
MAMT 2231 Instrumentation/Modalities 2
MAMT 2230 Quality Assurance 2
MAMT 2260 Clinical Applications I* 2



*Capstone experience

For more information about the Breast Imaging/ Mammography Program, contact the Allied Health Office at (409) 944-1490.

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