Board Policies

To access Galveston College legal board policies, click here to be redirected to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Policy Online Service.  All local policies are listed below.

LOCAL policies

Section A - Basic District Foundations 

AB College District Name and Definitions
AD Educational Role, Mission, Purpose, and Responsibility
AE College District Goals and Objectives

Section B - Local Governance 


Board Legal Status

BAA Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Board of Regents
BBB Board Members: Elections
BBC Board Members: Removal from Office
BBD Board Members: Orientation and Training
BBE Board Members: Authority
BBF Board Members: Ethics
BBFA Ethics: Conflict of Interest / Disclosures
BBG Board Members: Compensation and Expenses
BBH Board Members: Convention, Conferences, and Workshops
BBI Board Members: Technology Resources and Electronic Communications
BCA Board Internal Organization: Board Officers and Officials
BCAD Board Officers and Officials: Duties and Requirements of Secretary
BCB Board Internal Organization: Board Committees
BCC Board Internal Organization: Attorney
BCG Board Internal Organization: Board Evaluation
BD Board Meetings
BDB Board Meetings: Public Participation
BDC Board Meetings: News Coverage
BE Policy and Bylaw Development
BFA College President: Qualifications and Duties
BFD College President: Retirement or Resignation
BFE College President: Evaluation
BG Administrative Organization Plan
BGC Faculty Senate, Committees, and Councils
BH Administrative Rules and Regulations

Section C - Business and Support Services 

CAI Appropriations and Revenue Sources: Ad Valorem Taxes
CAIA Ad Valorem Taxes: Selection and Duties of Chief Tax Officials
CAK Appropriations and Revenue Sources: Investments
CAK(R) Appropriations and Revenue Sources: Investments (Regulations)
CAM Appropriations and Revenue Sources: Grants, Funds, Donations from Private Sources
CB Depository of Funds
CC Annual Operating Budget
CD Accounting: Abandoned Property
CDA Accounting: Financial Reports and Statements
CDB Accounting: Inventories
CDB(R) Accounting: Inventories (Regulation)
CDC Accounting: Audits
CDE Accounting: Financial Ethics
CF Purchasing and Acquisition
CFF Purchasing and Acquisition: Payment Procedures
CG Safety Program
CGB Safety Program: Accident Prevention
CGC Safety Program: Emergency Plans and Alerts
CHC Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management: Traffic and Parking Controls
CHE Site Management: Mail and Delivery
CIA Equipment and Supplies Management: Records Management
CIB Equipment and Supplies Management: Disposal of Property
CJ Transportation Management: Student Travel
CJA Transportation Management: Maintenance and Use of Vehicles
CKE Insurance and Annuities Management: Workers' Compensation
CM Facilities Construction
CMA Facilities Construction: Competitive Bidding
CMB Facilities Construction: Competitive Sealed Proposals
CR Technology Resources
CS Information Security
CT Intellectual Property
CTD Intellectual Property: Trademarks and Logos
CU Research Rules and Regulations

Section D - Personnel 

DBA Employee Credentials and Records
DBB Employee Requirements and Restrictions: Medical Examinations and Communicable Diseases
DCB Employment Practices: Tenure
DCBA Faculty Rank
DEC Compensation and Benefits: Leaves and Absences
DGC Academic Freedom and Responsibilities
DH Employment Standards of Conduct: Code of Professional Ethics
DI Employee Welfare
DIA Employee Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
DJ Assignment and Schedules
DK Professional Development
DMAA Contracts: Dismissal
DMC Reduction in Force

Section E - Instruction 

ECC Limitation on Number of Dropped Courses
ECF Instructional Arrangements: Instructional Contracts with Outside Agencies
EDA Instructional Resources: Instructional Materials
EDAA Instructional Materials: Libraries and Laboratories
EDC Instructional Resources: Community Instructional Resources
EE Curriculum Development
EFA Semester Credit Hours
EFAA Core Curriculum
EFB Academic Achievement: Degrees and Certificates Awarded
EFBA Degrees and General Graduation Requirements
EFBC Graduate Guarantee
EFCB Continuing Education
EFCD GED Testing
EGA Academic Achievement: Grading and Credit
EGAA Credit By Examination/Experience
EGAB Academic Achievement: Examinations
EGAC Academic Standards of Progress
EGC Awards and Academic Recognition
EI Testing and Placement Programs

Section F - Students 

FA Equal Educational Opportunities
FB Admissions Requirements
FBA Transfer of Credit
FC Attendance
FD Tuition and Fees
FDA Residency
FE Student Financial Aid Program
FFA Health Services
FFAC Communicable Diseases
FFD Student Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, and Sexual Assault
FG Student Housing
FI Student Fund Raising and Solicitations
FJ Student Records
FKC Student Clubs and Organizations
FKF Athletics
FL Student Rights and Responsibilities
FLA Signs and Distribution of Publications on Campus
FLB Student Code of Conduct
FLBD Student Conduct: Tobacco Use
FLBE Student Conduct: Alcohol and Drug Use
FLBF Student Conduct: Weapons
FLBH Student Conduct: Disruptions
FLD Student Complaints and the Grievance Process
FLDA Student Complaints: Discrimination and/or Harassment
FLDB Grade Appeals
FM Student Discipline and Penalties
FMA Student Discipline and Penalties: Discipline Hearings Procedure
FN Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

Section G - Community and Governmental Relations 

GAB Public Information Program: Requests for Information
GB Public Complaints and Hearings
GF Student and Community Use of College District Facilities
GF(R) Student and Community Use of College District Facilities (Regulation)
GFA Student and Community Use of College District Facilities: Conduct on College District Premises
GH Relations with Schools and Districts
GI Relations with Other Colleges and Universities
GK Relations with Educational Accreditation Agencies
GM Relationship with the Galveston College Foundation
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