Associate of Applied Science Degree (5200)

According to the Biotechnology Industry Organziation, "The biotechnology industry has mushroomed since 1992, with U.S. health care biotech revenues from publicly traded companies rising from $8 billion in 1992 to $58.8 billion in 2006". With this growth has come the creation of numerous career paths in biotechnology. For additional information about biotechnology and available career paths, click here to view a short video.

The Biotechnology Associate of Applied Science Degree is a two-year, five-semester program designed to prepare the graduate to function as an entry-level research technician in research and/or biotechnology labs. The curriculum includes courses to provide a foundation for understanding the principles and practice of laboratory research, and laboratory courses to promote "hands-on" experience in the fundamental techniques of laboratory research. General education courses are included to meet AAS degree requirements. This program is a cooperative effort between Galveston College and The University of Texas Medical Branch.

Basic science courses are included as general education requirements in the AAS program. Fundamental laboratory techniques, such as pipetting, solution preparation, use of various laboratory equipment, separation and identification techniques, general laboratory safety and ethical considerations in research are included in the technical courses. During the program two internships will be performed where students are placed in research laboratories to gain additional on-the-job experience.

Faculty Contact Information

Dr. Lance Hallberg
(409) 944-1711

Dr. Elizabeth Gerhardt

Dr. Dragoslava Zivadinovic

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